The Round Isn't Over Until It's Really Over

First rule of professional sports: it's not over until it's over. Consider this a reminder.

There was a lot of professional Counter-Strike over the weekend. Australia was represented in full force in South Korea for the Asia Minor qualifiers for the next CSGO Major, while Dreamhack were putting on a show in Austin, Texas.

Dreamhack's Austin event isn't acting as a feeder event into something larger, but the US$100,000 prize pool still makes it worth keeping an eye on. And for one of the players involved — full-time streamer Jaryd "summit1g" Lazar, who is trying his hand out at professional competition — he should have kept his eye on the screen a little longer.

I remember when I was about to win my first LAN match. It was a 1v2 and the bomb was down; after getting the kills I held down the defuse button as hard as I bloody well could. I wasn't going to screw up at the final hurdle.

And I bet it's something summit1g won't do in the future. Why, you ask? Because after losing that round, CLG ended up pulling the game into overtime — beating Splyce and summit1g's teammates, 19-16. CLG won the second game of the best-of-three series as well, knocking Splyce out of the tournament.

It's not over till it's over.


    I have no idea what I am watching.

    Did he stab himself or something?

      I believe he walked into the fire and died. Why that remotely mattered when the score went from 11-15 to 12-15 I don't know.

        Round timers. If the team dies while the round timer is finishing after all of the opposing team is down then *I think* it counts as a draw. Hence why they went into Overtime.

          There's no draw if the time runs out. If there are some counter-terrorists (CTs) still alive and the bomb hasn't been planted, the CT's automatically win. For reference:

          Terrorists win when:
          - All CTs are eliminated
          - The bomb explodes

          CTs win:
          - when all terrorists are eliminated
          - the bomb is defused
          - the round timer expires without the bomb having been planted

        He was the last member alive and the bomb was planted, so for the defenders (CTs) to win someone has to be alive to defuse it. Phoenix wrote about the rest below.

          Ah I see. I just thought it was a death match or something.

      Summit, the last member of the Counter-Terrorist team, managed to kill the last members of the Terrorists. But because the T's had planted the bomb, he needed to also defuse that for victory. It's a simple task, so everyone took it for granted that he'd do it. Instead, he ran through an obvious patch of fire and burned to death. That means the other team actually won the round.
      Games are played as best-of-30, and if Summit hadn't screwed up his team would have taken the game with 16 round wins. According to the article, Summit's team (Splyce) then lost the game in overtime.

        Can't have been that obvious, I watched the clip half a dozen times trying to figure it out and still didn't see it. I sympathise with him entirely :P

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