Valve Brings Sprays Back To Counter-Strike As Consumables

Valve Brings Sprays Back To Counter-Strike As Consumables

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has moved mountains in reviving the competitive and casual communities of the iconic PC shooter, one thing has always been missing: the ability to spray graffiti on walls. So after being lobbied by fans for years, Valve is finally bringing sprays back. But as always, there’s a catch.

In a FAQ posted on Steam’s support site — instead of the official Counter-Strike blog — the developer announced that graffiti would be reintroduced to the franchise as consumable patterns, which could be purchased directly, through special Graffiti Boxes, or earned as free weekly drops when players rank up.

Valve Brings Sprays Back To Counter-Strike As Consumables

Even for a community accustomed to a virtual economy where players hand over money for skins, stickers, sound packs and badges for fantasy betting, the reaction has been fairly savage. For one, it’s the reintroduction of a feature that used to be a staple of any Valve game. Hell, it even became a handy way to grief players in Team Fortress 2.

The FAQ adds that sprays will last for up to 7 minutes, and degrades over time. That’s enough to hang around for several rounds, something that could have the potential to mess with competitive play.

Unsurprisingly, some fans have been quick to characterise the move as a “cash grab” on Valve’s part. Others suggested that the 50 use restriction may be a ploy to make the idea of paid sprays with unlimited uses more palatable in the future.

The reintroduction of a long-lost feature isn’t without its supporters, and the competitive scene will undoubtedly appreciate more ways to support players through the sale of special sprays at major tournaments. There’s also the fact that Counter-Strike players really like dropping money on in-game items, regardless of their value.


  • It amazes me that Valve still has a reputation as a good guy when they have some of the most obvious cash grabs in the industry.

    Don’t even get me started on how the most valuable company has the worst customer support out of the big game clients.

  • I miss the days of custom sprays. I remember in CS:S I had sprays that were character models. It was pretty funny to see people trying to kill my spray. Although it was a pretty cheap move, and only used them every so often for a bit of fun.

    I also remember (unfortunately) people spraying dicks in cs and tf2… :/ Although most servers would ban you for that.

    I can understand why Valve removed sprays for CS:GO – it’s just an all round bad idea for the competitive scene. But, yet, I still can’t help but miss the ‘rawness’ and sort of unrefined elements of games back in those days ( such as crappy but super fun custom maps/modds on WC3 and CS that people made in their basements). Games these days to me just feel a bit too polished.

  • If they were unlimited uses but paying for designs… that might be okay. But consumables? Really Valve? GTFO

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