What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Image: Counter-Strike

Maybe it's the impact of watching a crazy double overtime finals, but I've been wanting to scratch a certain Counter-Strike itch of late.

Like a lot of people, my time in CSGO declined almost in correlation with the rise of PUBG. But there are times when you just want to kill things quickly and efficiently, and rounds of CSGO deathmatch are far better than landing in a field and hoping you pick up a not-shit gun before the three people behind you.

So I'm going to do a bit of that this weekend. I've also got a lot of Divinity: Original Sin 2 to work through, and I've been enjoying playing test matches of Cricket 97 on my laptop. For some reason I always end up suffering a batting collapse and Ponting or Steve Waugh gets stranded in the 90's. Not sure what's happening there.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Got me one of those Monster Hunter edition PS4 Pro’s last night. So that’s what I will be doing! Got the place to myself this weekend too as a bonus, fridge is full of snacks, beer etc. it’s been a long time since I looked forward to a weekend this much.

      Gaming beer of choice? I go with Tripel Karmeliet or maybe a Leffe Radieuse to go with some fancy crisps (which I eat with chopsticks to avoid greasing up my controller).

        Hahaha, my tastes are not quite as refined as yours! I go for Red Rock Deli sea salt & balsamic chips, and I pair that with a XXXX gold in a can.
        Although, occasionally, when I am feeling a lil classy, I will put on my robe & slippers and pour myself a Chivas on the rocks, and slowly sip on it.

      If you're willing to try something new, I recommend heading to BWS or (I think) Dan Murphys and grabbing a bottle of Dubliner. Irish whiskey with a caramel flavour to it, I cant recommend it highly enough.

      So far, its mixed with anything I've thrown at it except ice cream (was trying to come up with a shot. it slightly curdled, which in hindsight isn't surprising), and is also something you can drink straight very easily. Generally in the low $40's range, dropping under that when on spesh, everyone I know that's tried it has gone and bought a bottle.

    We'll be playing some board games at my mate's 40th birthday. Maybe some Resistance, Kingdomino, Splendor, Wasabi, Hanabi, Monopoly etc.

    Video games-wise, I'm still on Mass Effect Andromeda, and Ryder is falling pretty hard for Suvi while having fun with Peebee and Liam. It's a big ol' love ship.

    Nearing the end of Bravely Second (I hope)... my team is steamrolling everything in sight.

    Also, Miku. Always Miku.

    I've generally always been a 1 game at a time guy, but I'm starting to change that.

    I'm currently playing through Wolfenstein: The New Order & Sleeping Dogs. Pretty keen to quickly get through them though as I've been itching to jump back into The Witcher 3 & Fallout 4, now that I have a 4k TV & an Xbox X.

    I also just picked up NBA Live 18 for $12 to play with mates and I've been pretty addicted to it! Switching between career mode, ultimate team & some street games with friends.

    Just started Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice the other day, so I guess I'll keep working through that. Might go back to BF1 to try out the new maps. And probably a bit of Elite Dangerous, too.

    Owlboy (which I got in Humble Monthly), and maybe Wolf Among Us again if I can get time.

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    Finally 100%'d Super Mario Odyssey (all power moons, purple coins, outfits etc), so I've moved onto Skyrim and it turns out that third time really is the charm, because I'm enjoying it a lot more this time around. Tried playing it on XBox 360 when it first came out, and on PS3 a while after that and I just couldn't find the motivation to keep playing once I arrived at Riverwood. This time I persevered and now I've just killed my second dragon and learning shouts I'm finding it much more enjoyable.

    Also, the Micro SDXC card I ordered finally arrived in the mail, so I can finally download the 7+Gig update for Doom on the Switch. Once that's done I might give that a crack too.

    Just like... a tonne of Monster Hunter, with a side of WoW. (They released the allied races this week, so I gotta get on to that. Hell, I still don't have flying - gotta get my Legionfall rep up, since I hadn't even fucking started that since it was released.)

    Killing monsters, turning their guts into weapons and armour and also playing Monster Hunter World.

    I will try and finish off The Last of Us this weekend so that I can focus on The Shadow of The Colossus next weekend. Ive never played either game before.

    Shantae 1/2 genie hero, Letter Quest remastered, Story of Seasons:Trio of towns, Piczle Lines.
    I think that's it.

    Monster Hunter for me. Also some Subnautica and Wonder Boy if i can.

    Picked up PSVR V2 for my bday on Monday (day off yay) so will check out some Superhot, London Heist, Rush of Blood & I expect you to die in VR. Hope I dont get VR sickness!

      I also picked up a PSVR V2 on Sunday arvo. Really loving it so far. Longest session I have had ended up being about 3 hrs and no sickness yet.

      I’ll be playing London Heist, superhot, rigs, job simulator and some sports bar (recommend this if you haven’t checked it out. Pretty fun)

    Monster Hunter - there's something supremely cathartic about turning the hulking behemoth that's been kicking your arse for the last few hours into a pair of pants.

      Unless it's that cutest little flying poofball bat-lizard. Then you only ever capture and do not kill. And the scientists remove a few bits and pieces for tailoring, without hurting the adawwwwable widdle poofball and then they release the snugglekins into the wild to frolic and play.

        Hmm... then I'll refrain from mentioning how I tested out the blast damage on my new hammer last night.

    I'll be playing "let's get a blood transfusion" at the hospital.
    If all goes well and I don't end up spending all weekend there, I'll likely play some more Elex.

    I've taken to Zombi on Xbox. Played three quarters of it on WiiU, started it on PS4 but got distracted, but the games with gold free release on Xbox drew me back in. About half way through. WiiU is still the best place to experience it but it is a fun game that deserved to be more successful.

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