The Team Behind Insidious Will Turn The Werewolf Comic Curse Into A Movie

The Team Behind Insidious Will Turn the Werewolf Comic Curse Into a Movie

Blumhouse, the company behind films like Paranormal Activity, Insidious and The Purge, has kind of become the biggest name in horror. Now it's looking to add to that list of titles by acquiring the rights to the awesome-sounding werewolf comic book series, Curse. Curse was published in 2014 by Boom; it was written by Michael Moreci and Tim Daniel, and illustrated by Colin Lorimer and Riley Rossmo. It follows a widowed father who captures a man for a reward he believes will help cure his sick daughter. Problem is, the man ends up being a werewolf, and now the father has to figure out if the beast can save his family or not.

No writer or director yet has been attached by Blumhouse — but this blending of family drama with werewolf action seems like a smart way to tap into one of our most famous, but underutilised, monsters.

[Hollywood Reporter]


    As an horror nerd I find this exciting but approach with trepidation. The blumhouse stuff is notoriously patchy.
    And there are not many great werewolf films. Can prob count on one hand.
    Hopefully james wan directs but even then his films tend to start well but lose their way. The conjuring was the last solid one. Insideous was great but was sketchy at best from the 3/4 mark onwards. The second one was a mess and the third was mostly solid.

    I hope they don't fuck it up, the comic was really good.

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