Uncharted 4 Is The Best Looking Game On Consoles

Digital Foundry is one of the best when it comes to breaking down the technical side of making games and this look at Uncharted 4 is no exception.

The Digital Foundry verdict: Uncharted 4 is a technical masterclass.

But we almost expected that. It's insane just how good Naughty Dog is at pulling out the best from the consoles it works on. The word 'wizards' is thrown around lightly these days, but the team at Naughty Dog clearly have wizardry in their blood.



      is this for real?

      i guess its noe the first time. I pretty much cant trust anything to do with any game these days until i play it

        Even the "after" picture is only 6 months later i.e. both sets of pictures are from 2014, not from the finished product.

      This has been going on since Gran Turismo 1. I remember having a copy of the Playstation mag with editors literally frothing at the mouth over GT, with "actual in game footage" ... which it was, but it was incredibly disingenuous - it was in game footage from pre-renders that made it look absolutely fucking amazing. Like, PS2 amazing.

    I dont have a PS4 and console graphics have never really impressed me coming from the PC world but this game does look very pretty, pretty enough that i'm keen to play this in the future.
    From only watching about 30 seconds of the video, cloth / material as well as shadows are probably the parts that stand out most to me, looks very fluid and natural

      The Uncharted games are also very decent if you like third-person Indiana Jones type shooters with light exploration and traversal elements.

        How do they play? I've never played an uncharted game, but my pc is going to be in storage fora few months and I'm tempted to pick up the collection. I just don't think it'll hold my attention across three games.

        I loved the absolute hell out of Last of Us, but my feeling on these is that they play like the new Tomb Raiders minus the metroidvania bits. Am I far off?

          The basic premise is story cutscene--->exploration/stealth--->firefight--->action set-piece/turret/puzzle sequence. The emphasis is on the firefights though, with a lot of weapon-switching, some grenade tossing/evasion, cover shooting, stealth takedowns, action takedown QTE.

          For me, the characters and their relationships are the golden thread that pulls me along. I like the environments a lot, the shooting is satisfying although a little bullet-spongy even on normal difficulty. Just seeing Nathan Drake get into jams / get double-crossed and have to dig himself out is really cool. Sully is a great sidekick too. There's a fair bit of humour there, but it is a sort of wry self-deprecating humour.

          I think the games play a little more like The Last of Us than Tomb Raider, although there are less gadgets and game mechanisms. Depending on the difficulty, you'll need to be pretty careful with ammo, particularly with the more uncommon weapons. Heavy pistols and assault shotguns are really satisfying but tend to be less frequently carried by enemies.

            In that case, I may pick up the collection. Thanks.

    Uncharted 4 is $69 at Target in case anyone was looking to buy grab it cheaper.

      You sure about that? It's not even on their website..

      Edit - nvm, got a link from their Twitter. Thanks for the heads up!

      Last edited 10/05/16 12:31 pm

    I'm struggling to think of a better looking game on PC, too. Any suggestions?

      Rise of the tomb raider, MGS5, Just cause 3

    I just started playing the game last night, but in the second chapter (I think), the way that the rope realistically wraps around the freight container axle is absolutely beautiful!

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