An App That Makes The Real World Look Like Prince Of Persia

And it's called — get this — Paint Of Persia.

It does crazy ass shit like this:

And this:

Also, why not turn Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner into, um... the Prince of Persia

Yep, this is pretty goddamn cool. It's the creation of developers Dunin and you can download it here.

My question: can we use this tool to make every single video game look like the original Prince of Persia. I want to live in that universe.

Via Cartoon Brew


    About bloody time too! I've had so many sleepless nights not being able to do this!

    Prince of Persia wasn't the first game I would think of.

    I would've compared it to old point and click adventure games by Lucasarts and Sierra.

      It's definitely Prince Of Persia though, that game was the first to do rotoscoping, basically painting pixels over video footage to create lifelike pixelated animation.

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