The Cheapest Radeon RX 480 In Australia Is Now $319

The global embargo for AMD’s Radeon RX 480 graphics card isn’t meant to lift until 11PM tonight, but that hasn’t stopped some major Australian retailers from jumping the gun.

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Update: With the embargo officially lifted, retailers have been allowed to advertise their prices more openly — and there are some pretty competitive offers. Here’s a list of everything currently available in Australia.

We reported earlier this morning how one retailer inadvertently advertised a price of $420 for an MSI-branded card. Those figures look set to drop, however, with one of Australia’s largest retailers advertising the 4GB model of the RX 480 for $319, and 8GB models starting from $379.

PC Case Gear are advertising XFX-branded RX 480’s for less than $400, with the overclocked version at $399 being around $40 cheaper than the standard models from other retailers. The 4GB model is currently listed as “Sold Out”, but stock is available for all of the 8GB models.

The move is likely to result in some emergency price drops among other retailers. Multiple sources confirmed to me over the past week that they were likely to sell their boards for around $440.

The XFX Radeon RX 480 Black OC has a core clock speed of 1328 MHz, slightly higher than the 1266 MHz reference RX 480’s ship with according to leaked screenshots that have appeared over the last week. The only other special features include an XFX backplate.

It’s the kind of highly aggressive pricing that fans were hoping for since the RX 480 was announced. The prospect of being able to buy a VR capable card at $380 also makes it a lot easier to swallow for people looking at discounted stock of the GTX 980 and the R9 390X, the two cards which the RX 480 is expected to immediately rival.

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