Destiny’s Next Expansion, Rise Of Iron, Lands September 20

Destiny’s Next Expansion, Rise Of Iron, Lands September 20

Destiny‘s next big expansion, Rise of Iron, will launch on September 20 for Xbox One and PS4, according to the game’s official website. The expansion is set to be unveiled tomorrow, so stay tuned for more details!


  • Unsure if I am ready to let Destiny back into my heart (or onto my hard drive)

    • I keep it installed, only to check every month or so if they’ve fixed the bug that prevents VIP rewards from turning up.

      They haven’t.

      (Probably the most frustrating thing about that bug is the number of well-meaning [REDACTED] who ask, “Are you sure you qualified? Were you 30 light level/have the expansions/purchased TTK before Sep15ARGHWHYAREYOUSQUEEZEINGMYHEADSO HARDIT’SGOINGTOPOPWHYARRRRGH” Yes I’m fucking sure you @#%*@!#%^*!…)

  • *shrug*

    The mad passion I had to play this game all the damn time has faded but I’ll probably stay in the loop for the story. If it gets it’s hooks into me again, then fair enough.

  • Didn’t this game get an update just a few months back called the Division? Pretty decent release schedule…

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