Eloquent Plea For Free Overwatch Rejected By Blizzard In The Best Way

Eloquent Plea For Free Overwatch Rejected By Blizzard In The Best Way

Reader Kyle really, really wants to play Overwatch, but he hasn't been able to buy it. Hoping to earn a copy — using wit alone — he wrote to Blizzard about his valiant efforts to convince his wife he needs it.

Eloquent Plea For Free Overwatch Rejected By Blizzard In The Best Way

According to Kyle, his plea began with a table dance, though his wife asked him to get down. Then he explained how desperately he needs Overwatch — because he wants it, he already calls Winston "Prof. Bananas," and he hasn't asked for anything in five years.

Well, almost nothing, as long as you don't count a Darth Vader Pez dispenser, a waffle iron shaped like the DeLorean, and a Walking Dead blanket.

His wife's refusal was — again, allegedly — accompanied by "hatred billowing from her cavernous maw filled with razor sharp teeth."

Kyle asked Blizzard to send him a copy of Overwatch, and in exchange, he sent an original, previously unpublished work of art, "Deadpool Licking Some Rock. A Dog Watches."

Eloquent Plea For Free Overwatch Rejected By Blizzard In The Best Way

It's hard to say whether Kyle courage or his artist's eye inspired Blizzard to reply. Either way, a representative decided to take his case.

Eloquent Plea For Free Overwatch Rejected By Blizzard In The Best Way

Giraze, we salute you for attempting to bypass the Wife.exe lock. Better luck next time.


    What a pathetic beta male, having to ask pemission to buy something for themselves.

      Well he probably exaggerated a bit on the whole wife won't let me thing but yeah. If you want it you just go out and buy it. Most wives wilk do the same just getting their hair done more so then buying a video game.

        As a married man I can attest, this exactly. Furthermore, if you know your $100 purchase is going to make waves, you say nothing beforehand, and apologise after the fact. Forgiveness is far easier to gain than permission.

          And NEVER, EVER ask how much those new shoes were.

          Indeed.. there is certainly an art to it.. however, I think that if you have to ask in the first place, then you actually know what the answer is going to be. When you have a significant other and more so when you have children, there are simply so many other things you could be spending your joint savings on. $100 for a solo experience? or $100 for a family experience or even a night out with the significant other.

          Really it's more about that than any persuasion of other people.. it's more about persuading yourself it is worth it and you're looking for someone else to do the justification for you.

            Thank you for being a voice for true reason as an adult

          It's amazing how many AAA new releases suddenly appear on my console as part of the monthly 'freebies'.

        Or, you know, buying a video game. Because women play games too :)

      You should know...
      Wives are always the Alpha of the Beta players.
      In the end, as long as there's a "Gamma with the Delta", it always ends well.

      Get it? Gamma with the Delta? No?
      Totally worth it anyway!

    I honestly want this game but its far to expensive for a Multiplayer only experience.

    If its still popular when it comes down in price Ill buy it, but for the moment I'm voting with my wallet and not buying it.

    I wish more gamers had taken this stance and shown publishers that we cant be take for a ride but I guess everyone has a different opinion on value for money and looks like a lot of people are happy to pay for it.

      I bought a cheaper version from a CD-Key resaler.

        I also had a look but I guess I looked too late, after the hype train cause they were all expensive :(

      I would hardly say that gamers have been 'taken for a ride'.

      Personally I will happily pay the sticker price for a new game if I believe it provides a sufficient level (and often playability/time).

      Furthermore, I can't remember the last time that I played a single player game. Be it a BF, COD, or other Blizzard game, they have all been purely multiplayer games to me.
      While I would happily pay less for a multiplayer only version of any game, I wouldn't boycott a game if it didn't have it.

      Judging from the number of players in Overwatch, I imagine there's a lot of people in the same boat.

      Thing is you can pick it up at discounted price at places that doesn't sell at rrp. If you plan to get it on console target and Bigw literally sells them at 30% discount than rrp. 99 vs 69

        Yeah I consider $69 full price and I'm certain this cannot be bought for under $79 (I only spent that much on 2 games in the past decade, Dark Souls 3 and Portal 2)

        With Overwatch, it's good, but "buy it next year when it's on digital discount" good

      The fact that you think it's expensive based on it only being Multiplayer is your interpretation of what is value for money. Value for money is a very subjective thing, which also changes based on your circumstances (living expenses/job status/other factors).

      Let me put it this way, considering games I have purchased this year:
      1. I purchased Uncharted 4 on day of release (~$80). I enjoy it, but have not finished it, and played about 10 hours as a rough estimate. I do not play multiplayer Uncharted cause it's garbage, so this is effectively a single player only purchase
      2. I purchased Overwatch a couple of days after release (~$80) and have since clocked up over 100 hours, and have made numerous friends on my battle.net account that I now play with regularly. It also allowed me to catch up with a friend overseas who I'd lost touch with for awhile. I also work a lot of hours during the week, and Overwatch is a perfect fit for me because I can bust through a few games in between jobs/dinner/sleep.

      Obviously your mileage is going to vary with online games, but at the end of the day out of the 2, I feel like I've got way more value for money out of Overwatch, even though I do not regret purchasing either of them. While I concede it was probably a bit sparse on content at launch (and that hasn't really changed), it at least WORKED at launch which is more than can be said for a lot of other titles these days. We need to be rewarding companies for focusing on a finished product that works completely, even if it is more focused in it's scope.

    not trying to judge the man's character, but I find the act of trying too hard to get a free hand-out like this very petty.

      I agree. I rate it on the same level as someone "doing a good deed" then sharing it on social media.

        Ah yes I hate that. As alot of people with psychical disabilities will often tell you they often get sick of being victims of someone performing a "good deed" for self gratification. They often just want to get on with life without people making such a fuss.

    Is it me or is this less about husband and wife and more mother and needy child

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