Jamie Lee Curtis Also Cosplayed At The Warcraft Premiere

She's not even in the movie, but that didn't stop noted Warcraft nerd and cosplay aficionado Jamie Lee Curtis from snagging an invite to the Hollywood première of the (terrible) film adaptation.

Image: Steve Granitz/Getty

Image: Steve Granitz/Getty

Image: Steve Granitz/Getty


    Apparently angry birds was terrible too but I liked it for a kids movie, think too many set the bar to high for movie adoptions, just go watch and enjoy some popcorn at worst

    I want to live in a world where red-carpet 'who wore it best' analysis is replaced by 'who cosplayed it best'.

    Please stop deleting my comment without an explanation. Calling an article poor writing is not against any of the rules: it's not a personal attack, it's not an accusation of editorial bias, it's not trolling, it's not an obvious correction and it's not in any of the 'fast track' examples. I haven't commented on the author, I've commented on the content of the article. Please review your own community guidelines for what is and isn't against your own rules.

    Reposting again:

    So there were around 5 comments here, all critical of the way this article has been reported, which have been deleted. Only one or two at best were rude in any way, so I'm going to put the criticism right back here:

    The little addition of the word 'terrible' in this article is unnecessary. This could have been a nice article about how Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the cool kids, and how it's great she cosplays, but instead that little bit of snark ruined the tone of the whole thing. It's especially egregious considering the review being linked to doesn't characterise the movie as terrible at all.

    This is poor writing.

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