Off Topic: Game Of Thrones Finale

Off Topic: Game Of Thrones Finale
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That’s how you do a finale.

I’m of the opinion that season 6 — asides from a few terrible episodes, mostly consisting of Tyrion Lannister sitting around drinking and telling shit jokes — has been the best one yet. It’s moved at a tremendous pace, it’s had memorable scenes, and you can really feel the momentum pushing towards some sort of conclusion. I’m loving it.

Reaction seems to have been mixed. It’s been a tough one, I suspect, for fans of the books. Especially with plot lines being all over the shop in terms of timelines and whatnot. Also: for the first time readers have had to be wary of spoilers.

Anyway, to last night’s episode. As a friend of mine tweeted, it was sort of like watching a high level game of Civilization play out in real time. Factions are aligning. Things are happening.

Next season could (and should) be wild.

What were your thoughts?


  • Overall a terribly terrible season.

    Jon Snow died for no reason.
    Sansa being a stupid bitch.
    Ramsay should have died a season ago.
    No lesbo stuff between Dany and Yarra.
    Margaery set up for a huge story only to die.
    No Cleaganebowl.

    What to expect in season 7:
    Jaime killing Cersai.
    Tits and Dragons
    Tormund fucking not the bear but the maiden fair.
    Tits and Dragons
    A war of Ice and Fire and Jon Snow is made of Ice and Fire and the series is called A Song of ICE and FIRE. GET IT?
    Tits and Dragons
    Dorne to be burnt to the ground
    Tits and Dragons

  • Said this in the other GoT thread here but I thought it was an amazing episode. Just a ridiculous amount of story development happened, it went from high to high every scene. With some very major pieces in motion now, I can’t wait for season 7.

    • I really loved how much more grandiose and political it had felt than the show has for the longest time. This season has been one of my favourites so far but the show itself has definitely moved away from (and I believe in some ways, to its detriment) that gripping political drama that really defined the greatness of the series.

      I’ve never paid much attention to the music in the show aside from the theme song (and i say this as a musician) but that composition that bookended the King’s Landing story in this episode was responsible for at least 50% of its greatness.

      Also, I need a Young Ned Stark Adventures spin-off show. There was something about that actor that utterly grabbed me. Qyburn Adventures would also be fine.

  • I liked it, alot of big moments and reveals, without going into any spoilers.
    The only thing that kinda grated on me was in the beginning of the episode, the overly dramatic piano and violin backing music building up to the big act one climax seemed a bit hammy…

    Last weeks episode seemed somewhat a bit more satisfying though…but on the whole, season six was great. much better than five

  • Like I said in the other article about the books – largely happy with the finale, but still prefer the novels and interested to see how events play out. Two characters in particular that are nowhere to be seen in the show are very important now if things travel along these lines.

    Not sure how Varys can skip around so damn fast – I get what some of the replies to my comment were saying how it’s all relative considering the structure and flow though.

    Benjen disappearing as fast as he appeared was a cop-out. We learned nothing. So too with Arya, her arc shouldn’t have ended so damn unexpectedly.

    If Varys is on the landing party, then it’s safe to assume:

    Daenerys/Tyrion knows Tommen is dead, along with the rest of the victims from the explosion. They also know the Lannisters/Kings Landing defences will be rallying there. Who is left to ally with Cersei?

    They also know Euron and the entire Iron Islands forces are gunning for them, right?

    I would have liked some resolution to where Hound is, where Brienne is, I expect Milisandre to bump into one of them.

    This is on me, but I don’t know where the White Walkers are supposed to be in relation to the Wall’s dwindling defences. Who won that battle/what’s the state of those two sides now?

    • Varys wasn’t skipping around all that quickly, it was weeks or even months between when he left and when the ships were launched. The time lines are not all in sync as the show rolls out. Quite a long period has passed, enough time for Arya to complete her travel as well, and all those ships to be crewed, provisioned, painted, loaded and the battle plans etc. to be made.

      • Yes, there was a good amount of time that had passed. So much, I wonder what Euron Greyjoy has been up to. He would certainly be aware that Yara has usurped his plans for joining with Daenerys. What will he do now? Guess we’ll find out next year.

      • I figured the same thing, which begs the question why hasn’t Euron arrived already if Varys has had time to cross the sea twice?
        I’d love an epic naval battle early next season to tie that up.

        • You have to remember that Irya and Theon pissed off with all of their ships, so they’re probably building more as we speak. Could be the perfect timing to roll the fleet out and meet Dany’s forces en route to Westeros 😀

    • When the Hound was brought back in, then met up with the band of guys in the forest (sorry, I can never remember what they called themselves) I was sure they were finally going to reveal a certain person with a heart of stone. Nope. The Hound didn’t even do anything meaningful. Must be set up for something next season.

      • I’m pretty sure they are just going to leave that certain someone out, given that Beric is still alive in the shows.

        I’m also pretty sure they brought the Hound back into it so we can have a Hound-on-Zombie-Mountain Clegane Deathmatch.

  • Really, it was great. I’m sure people will pick holes in it, but why watch if you are only looking for flaws? It was a fantastic finale, I didnt see the Sept scene coming and Jesus a lot of actors are looking for work after this season.

    Was a great ride, I started on the books, but am enjoying the show more now, and it has a chance of actually finishing now 🙂

    Won’t talk specifics until most people have seen it, but… Wow.

    • That Sept scene dragged out a smidge, but I didn’t mind too much. And yes, the fact the show feels like it will actually come to a conclusion is satisfying. I hate it when series run out of steam and never wrap things up well.

    • As soon as I saw shit getting wierd in the sept I started getting annoyed because I knew it meant we weren’t going to get the brilliant ‘Winter is here’ epilogue from the 5th book but then the Sept shit actually happened… Yeah, I don’t care anymore, that whole episode was damn impressive.

    • If you rewatch last weeks episode, Tyrion drops a hint by mentioning that there was wildfire under sept of Baelor. It kind of ruined it a bit for me because I knew then that something was going to happen that included wildfire and Baelor’s sept…

  • Tommen sure has given a whole new meaning to the name King’s Landing, eh?

    I’ll see myself out…

  • Spoilers ahead….

    Not too bad. The music during the Kings landing scenes was a bit odd. It seemed disconnected from the story. King Tommen’s death was like something out of Monty Python, which I quite liked. It was a slightly ludicrous ending for a slightly ludicrous young man.

  • That finale is the kind of TV that makes me sad for people who don’t watch the show.

    Maybe the show has morphed into pure fantasy at this point but after the deliberate “let’s screw over the heroes” more than offset the “let’s make everyone accountable for their mistakes and not give anyone plot armor” so it’s really time for an upswing instead of relentless grimdark.

    Great finale, great developments this season, end-season antici-hype is at an all time high. Season 7 can’t come soon enough.

  • Definitely the season for women: Dany came back to force, Cersei reasserted her power, Arya finally re-entered the plot proper by taking out one of the biggest dicks in the B-list of characters, Yarra is emerging as a queenmaker for Dany, and all the high flying women went several notches up in being ruthless as fuck.

    That aside, felt this season was super up and down. There were some incredibly trash episodes, plot holes bigger than memory leaks in DayZ, and I’m going to throw something around my living room if I have to spend another five minutes watching that god awful chemistry between Grey Wurm and Missandei.

  • Lyanna Mormont, Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.
    Loved the schooling she gave to Donald and Wyman Fucking Manderly.


    I’m really tired of the “almost! gotcha!” nonsense the show pulls sometimes. Marjorie, almost got away. The fanatic almost blew the candle. The king almost escaped with his life. It’s far too artificial, and it was kind of an unsatisfying end for the high sparrow.

    Everything else was great fun, though. Except even though I love the little Mormont girl character, honestly, are a bunch of grown men going to listen to her honour-shaming all of them?

    Oh well. I’m still glad there’s a King in the North and his name is Snow.

  • I was half expecting Cersei to ask Qyburn to do another Frankenstein job on Tommen’s corpse. But then she decided to cremate him instead, so I guess that’s not happening.

  • I’m curious what’s going to happen with Jon and Sansa. Some say they are hinting at marriage (since they are cousins), others think Sansa is going to betray him… not sure I want to see either of those.

    • I don’t think they’ll go for the marriage. Even though they’re less closely related, I think It’d kind of undermine the incestuous theme between Jaime and Cersei.

      • If it were the books I could see the marriage happening, cousins getting together seems common enough there (not looked upon as incest) – even to the point that characters talk about Sansa getting married off to her other cousin Robin Arryn.
        Not sure it’d work out as well for the show though because as you said, the only real incest shown is Jaime & Cersei, Crasters women, etc – all looked down upon even by other characters in the show.

        • Only Bran knows they aren’t actual brother/sister though. I think it’s more likely that Jon will get with Dany – it even works thematically, since the Targeryens had a habit of marrying off brothers and sisters.

          • Yeah, turns out I’m dumb. I keep thinking that she was a baby when Rhaegar died, so she must be his daughter, but they were actually brother and sister. Still,. they’re relatives and similarly aged, so that’s A-OK in the grand Targaryen scheme of things.

          • It certainly raises a lot of questions, and it all depends on whether Bran manages to share his revelation with anyone.

  • Great episode. My biggest gripe was that Arya killing the Freys felt undercooked. That could have been done differently and better. But I did like them using the Frey pie storyline from the book.

    Also the teleporting characters is a bit jarring. I can see some people getting confused by it.

    • The worst one was Olenna Tyrell suddenly being in Dorne moments after the Sept goes up. Sorry whut? A bit jarring but that’s ok. I liked all the movement of the plot-lines 😀

      • Olenna left a week or two ago though (in real time) so it makes sense she’d have time to get there in show-time. The wierder one is Varys going across the narrow sea twice in the space of about 10 minutes.
        Still not as bad as the Sand Snake teleporting nonsense from episode 1 though lol.

        • Varys didnt teleport across the sea in ten minutes, if you notice the flags on the ships, house Martell and House Tyrell are among the fleet, so they are likely sailing from dorne when we see the fleet. Each scene isn’t happening directly after the previous.
          when we see olenna in dorne she talks about how cersei has killed her family, so obviously she knows about the sept.

    • I’ve been trying to work out how specific a Titus Andronicus reference that scene was – whether it stretches beyond the father eating the children baked in a pie before immediately being killed by a rival.

      Need to learn my Shakespeare better, I guess.

  • I liked it

    I think it’s becoming very obvious that the showrunners are now working without the books guidance.

    They’re rapidly tying up loose ends & narrowing down extra characters to give themselves an easier job, & to give the audience less to follow.

  • I liked the OST for this episode, much more interesting than the usual fare in my opinion. I kind of feel like a lot of the big scenes fell a touch flatter than they should have: the sept of Baelor was a touch dissappointing given how many major characters died in it and I just wish the show was consistent with wounds and what they do: Arya, one day after getting stabbed multiple times in the stomach was running like an olympian and could walk just fine immediately afterwards and Lancel after (one?) stab can barely manage to drag himself towards those candles.

    Also the weird teleporting that a lot of the characters are doing now is just unnecessary with a little foresight: just give Varys’ departure to Dorne, arrival and departure from Dorne and arrival at Mereen 4 separate episodes and it would have worked out fantastically, they probably wouldn’t have included all of the rubbish with Tyrion’s awful jokes either. I just don’t understand what they were thinking, I get that they’re trying to compress time, but without at least an episode between Varys leaving Dorne and arriving in Mereen Westeros and surrounds start to feel awfully small; a far cry from the wonderful world building that seasons 1 and 2 managed.

    • I thought Lancel was stabbed in the spine, which is why he immediately couldn’t use his legs and had to drag himself, JS

      • Could be, and I don’t dispute that that would be very difficult to do after being stabbed, just that it makes no sense given Arya’s miraculous survival and 1 night recovery after which she endured a prolonged chase and bested a trained assassin with some very serious wounds while Lancel can’t summon the strength to pull himself across a hallway after being stabbed once by an untrained child?

        I don’t know, it feels like the “plot armor” concept is still alive and well (the lack of which being what made Ned Stark’s demise so shocking) which is just disappointing given the show’s pedigree, but hey, it’s a small nitpick from a really solid episode.

        • To be fair, Arya dealt with that after a long period of getting the shit kicked out of her on a regular basis, so it’s conceivable that she’d have a significantly higher pain threshold than Lancel.

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