Overwatch Gets An Honest Trailer

And it's actually a really good mix of taking the piss, and celebrating its greatness.

Because let's face facts: Overwatch is pretty great.

— Comparisons to Team Fortress... check. — Discussion about how much worse Battleborn is... check. — Reference to it being built from the bones of Titan... check. — Slagging off Bastion... check.

This is pretty good.


    I was disappointed for a lack of Mei bashing... but otherwise solid, 9/10.

    "And unleash deadly synergies with their team mates but instead we'll just pick an attacker and run in separate directions instead"

    Yup that's basically Quick-Play in a nutshell.

    Last edited 01/06/16 12:17 pm

      Part of what I love about Quick Play is that aspect of it. Trying to 'team up' with people who are only there due to random chance. Sometimes when you are together for a few games you kind of get this understanding going and can do incredible things, all without voice chat ;-)

        Yeah, that's fun and all, but 95% of the time it's cancer

          I've been a bit luckier. I'd say about 25% of the time there is that feeling that you are doomed to fail. There's about 50% where I'm thinking it is a good contest (the other team is in the same position as we are with randoms trying to work together) and 25% of the time when you are just stomping because of good chemistry.

            Like that time when you're trying to stop the payload and they have 2 reinhardts.... So the next round you escort the payload with 6 reinhardts....

              Wow, six Reinhardts on a payload would be awesome! Or five Reinhardts with a Lucio in the middle of them...lol

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