Report: Nintendo Is Researching VR

Report: Nintendo Is Researching VR
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From the sound of it, add Nintendo to the list of companies that are interested in VR.

[Image: Katsumi Kasahara | AP]

Japanese Twitter user NStyles was at today‘s Nintendo shareholders meeting in Kyoto and live-tweeted what was apparently said. Keep in mind that Nintendo has yet to release an official transcript, so Kotaku hasn’t yet been able to confirm. Also, realise that Nintendo did not confirm it was releasing a new VR device.

According to NStyles (via 2ch), Shigeru Miyamoto reportedly said he did indeed check out VR while at E3, but seemed somewhat letdown by what he experienced. Miyamoto added that Nintendo was also researching virtual reality, so the game maker does have the foundation for VR tech. The challenge, Miyamoto reportedly added, was playing for long periods of time. For Nintendo, playing for extended periods of time is important, and Miyamoto is quoted as saying Nintendo wanted to release safe products as well as offer parents peace of mind.

After that, Miyamoto is quoted as saying that the reaction of people at E3 that tried VR was good, but… Apparently, Miyamoto then asked those at the meeting not to repeat online what he said after that.

This comes as Sony is releasing its own VR headset for release later this year.

Nintendo often plays it safe, but has taken bold steps before, such as with the 3D feature used in the Nintendo 3DS. A headset, however, might make Nintendo even more so due to the disastrous Virtual Boy, so if there are ever plans for a VR headset, expect Nintendo to be extra cautious.

Interestingly, Miyamoto was also quoted as saying that Nintendo would have normally shown the NX at E3, but was worried about news leaking and copycats before the product launches. That’s probably unrelated at VR, but it does make you wonder what exactly the NX will be like.


  • I don’t feel like nintendo are innovators anymore, everything they do seems to be not much more than an amusing diversion, not really pushing gaming forward since the n64.

    Considering how long it took them to work out an online presence, I doubt we will see meaningful use of VR in the next generation or two

    • I think they still innovate, I just think they have taken a different direction to Sony/Microsoft. The Wii was pretty innovative at the time of release and so was the DS. I mean compare the Wii U to the X-Box 1/PS4, may not be as successful, but it’s certainly more creative.

    • I think looking retrospectively on Nintendo makes it seem less innovative because the things they innovated with have become the norm.

  • I doubt they would by jumping into VR with the NX. They *may* release a headset down the line like the PS4? I think they will hold back and see how it all goes though. The next few years will be crucial to VR.

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