Saints Row Creators Announce New Game, Agents Of Mayhem

Video: Saints Row developer Volition Studios today announced Agents of Mayhem, a new game that sure seems a lot like Saints Row. Publisher Deep Silver announced the game through IGN this morning. There's a cinematic trailer (above) but not much else yet. IGN describes it as "an exclusively single-player open-world action game featuring characters with cool guns, gadgets, and abilities to toy around with". We'll likely hear more at E3.

Although this isn't strictly a Saints Row game, it appears that Agents of Mayhem is set in the same universe as Volition's longrunning franchise.


    Hmm, that trailer was underwhelming. The characters felt more like two-dimensional tropes than people with any depth to speak of. Also the animation felt weird, like it was swinging between more 2D and more 3D at different points.

    Oh well. Hopefully it'll look better as more info comes out.

    Will wait for gameplay footage. Looks good so far.

    Also, exclusively single player. Aww yis! So happy to hear ^_^

    If the article didn't say it was single player, I would have guessed co-op multiplayer from what the trailer showed.

    Another Overwatch clone like Battleborn

      Guess you missed the "exclusively single-player" bit?

        But its all cartoony and theres multiple agents to choose. Thats about as much similarity as Overwatch and Battleborn have, so why not.

          Probably because Battleborn and Overwatch weren't the first games that ever existed to have multiple choices and stylized art...and if that's the only games you can relate it to you've lived a sad gamer life.

      So... you haven't played Battleborn then?

    Looks generic as all hell but will reserve judgement 'til we see some gameplay.

    Looks more like an animated tv series than a game

    Hopefully the skills will be as fun as the super powers were in SR4.. I still play that on and off just to run around and cause mayhem in the city.

    But going by the trailer, it looks like it won't be "create your own super character", more like "borderlands" style "choose from these classes".. which is weird that it's not co-op? Maybe it is and IGN got it wrong.

    That looked... bad...

    Maybe it'll look much better with gameplay, because I don't know what the hell that was.

    Apart from the Saints logo there's nothing to indicate this shares a setting with Saints Row. Which is a shame because I loved the Saints, even if I could see no way of them continuing the story after the they fought evil Santa and took over Hell.

    trailer looks like it's not quite sure what it wants to be... but sort of implies a kind of Crackdown/Borderlands/Just Cause mashup which could be pretty cool in practice

    It looks fun enough. A little dumb but that's par for the course.

    If it's following in Saints Row's foot steps wouldn't expect a trailer to win me over. They do some funny stuff sometimes and they remind me of good times but Saints Row's best qualities aren't things you can watch. It's a game about stomping on sand castles. The truly beautiful mayhem you get in games like Saints Row can only be experienced when you're the one driving the bulldozer. In a video you see something explode which might look a little cool, but in the game you get to hold a rocket launcher and decide what happens next. The amount of options available to you and the freedom to make choose is what really makes it work.

    Coop was the best part of Saints Row. This doesn't really interest me at all.

    Its so rare to get a full fledged story with seamless coop from start to finish these days

      Agreed. The most fun I had in 3 was coop with a buddy.
      Batman and Joker in custom cars.
      Then the whole matrix thing.
      Every night we mixed it up and always ended with a purple dildo battle...
      Seriously best coop.

    Ok so im guessing that this is following on from Gat out of Hell's retcon ending

    Its only a 'True' saints Row game if your running around with a giant dildo in your hand....

    Overall looks .... 'meh' .... I loved saints row series (4 killed it in my opinion) but I'm open to this, need to see more gameplay, info first.

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