The LEGO Force Awakens Demo Shows Off All The New Stuff

The LEGO Force Awakens Demo Shows Off All The New Stuff

In case you were wondering if the ship battles, cover-based shooting and multi-builds were enough to get you to buy another movie-based LEGO game, the free LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens demo has all of those things.

Launched earlier this week for the PlayStation 4, the LEGO Force Awakens demo follows Finn, Rey and BB-8 as they escape from First Order forces on Jakku.

In order to overcome an obstacle our heroes must use the multi-build feature, which allows the same pile of bricks to become different objects.

First the bricks become a switch that allows a hook-arm to swivel on axis so Finn can use his grappling hook (of course) to climb to the top of the building. Then they become a switch BB-8 can activate, revealing a surface Rey can climb.

In a heated battle against Stormtroopers, Finn and Rey pop in and out of cover, charging their weapon power via successful attacks to unleash more powerful shots.

The demo ends with an extended ship combat scene between some piece of junk and a gaggle of Tie Fighters. First we get an on-rails segment, followed by a bit of open arena combat that left me a bit dizzy.

Then it’s just a short trip through a dead Star Destroyer, and the demo ends.

It’s an entertaining 30 minutes or so that’s got me really looking forward to the full game, just a few short weeks away.

I’ve trimmed the LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens demo down to about 10 minutes in the video below. Be sure to stay for the after credits scene.


  • Am I the only one who found this the most boring LEGO game and found The Force Awakens the most boring Star Wars movie (including the two Ewok movies)?
    It may as well not have had speech, and the game should have done more to make the story and characters less terrible. One thing it should have done was not make the part where the Falcon flies through the dead Star Destroyer less obvious of a trench run rip off. Everything in TFA is a poor rip off of something else, with weak characters that feel like they come from a teenagers fanfic, complete with Mary Sue in Rey.

    • I didn’t think it looked boring (the game), but instead severely lacking in comedy moments. One of the things that makes most of the lego games enjoyable for me is the comedy added to the most memorable scenes from the movie it is parodying. That’s right.. these are supposed to be parodies of the movies. This game appears to be breaking that mold… and I for one am disappointed in that change of direction.

      I won’t comment on the movie here… 🙂

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