LEGO's Take On Star Wars: The Force Awakens Launches In June

There doesn't appear to be a listing on the Australian Xbox Live store yet and there isn't a follow up listing on Steam. But if you've been waiting for TT Games to make Rey, Finn, Poe and most importantly, BB-8, playable in block form, there is a release date.

According to the Xbox page, the latest iteration to the LEGO action adventure franchise launches on June 28. It's not known whether this is a global launch, and I've reached out to Xbox's local PR to confirm, but for now June 28 is the only firm date we have.

Apart from all the playable bits you'd expect, the store page also says LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens will "feature exclusive playable content that bridges the story gap between Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

That could possibly be a reference to the Battle of Jakku; there might even be some correlation with the DLC introduced into Battlefront post-launch. It seems a firm possibility given that one of the new features is Blaster Battles, something that allows players to "use your surroundings as cover to stand against the First Order".

Multi-Builds will also let players use bricks to open new areas, which can then be broken apart and constructed again to open up even more paths.

Everyone knew that another LEGO game was in the works as soon as The Force Awakens was announced. I wonder how many will still be keen for another LEGO game, however, given how many iterations of the formula TT Games have pushed out.


    It's a mistake if you ask me. No other Lego Star Wars game has gone with so little source material to work off. If they're dead set on not waiting for Eps 8 and 9, there'd better be a whole lot of pre-Ep 7 stuff to fill the yawning chasm of content.

    It seems a firm possibility given that one of the new features is Blaster Battles, something that allows players to “use your surroundings as cover to stand against the First Order”. So they're turning Lego into a cover-based shooter? Please no.

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      It appears to be true here is a trailer of it.

      I do agree though seems a bit odd they would release a game just for that 1 episode.

        I would say there pulling from the Comics as well. Its the only possible way to do what there doing.

        No, you misunderstand. I wasn't saying Alex was mistaken in reporting it, I'm saying Travellers Tales is mistaken in making it without Eps 8 and 9.

          Ahh i get you sorry,

          I agree they should wait for ep 8 and 9 before releasing it seems odd they just add the 1 without all the filler they could have.

    After what happened with The Hobbit, this is a mistake. I love the Lego games, have played them all (except Avengers so far) and I would pick this up in a heartbeat, but I'd want some kind of guarantee that the remaining movies would get added in at some stage.

    Who am I kidding, I'll probably get this and Ep8 when they release that too. This is TT you know, they'll make a stage for the village slaughter on Jakku, a stage for Finn and Poe escaping the Star Destroyer, a stage for escaping Jakku, a stage with Han and Chewie... it'll add up to 15 quickly enough if they make small moments into a whole 15 minute stage.

      They never finsihed the hobbit lego games did they? The first hobbit game was one of my favourite lego games

        Never finished, just the first two movies then WB went out to say they weren't making the third one. I've got a linky around here somewhere...

        I guess the difference will be Disney vs Warner...

    I would be happy with a HD version of Lego Star Wars II with the more modern split screen of the newer titles

    No indication in the trailer, but I really hope they go back to having silent minifig characters - I far preferred those Lego games to the voiced games.

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