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For a few months now, a pub in The Rocks has been holding an open-air movie night every Monday. It's part of the service at The Argyle, a pub in a 1820s building with a tunnel and cobblestone pathway to match.

To celebrate this year's Vivid festivities, the Argyle decided to host a screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens to celebrate. And since I named a stray dog Yoda with the help of my brother when I was 2, I felt compelled to go along.


John Romero cheekily sort-of-but-not-really revealed that he was working on something last week when a whole bunch of nonsense about a fake holographics company. And that came after he released a new DOOM level.

So if you weren't convinced already that he's making another video game, here's another trailer to set you right. It's basically Star Wars.


Fact: The X-Wing books were the best Star Wars books. Double fact: The Rogue Squadron comics from Dark Horse were awesome. Unassailable triple fact: Poe Dameron is the best. Bearing all this in mind, we're just a touch excited about Marvel's upcoming Poe Dameron comic, which seems to be a spiritual successor to the Rogue Squadron tales.


Well technically, they're already here. Star Wars has been a staple of cosplay from the beginning. Has there ever been a geek costume so ubiquitous and instantly recognisable as Leia's metal bikini, after all? The new movies promise to be no different, with a whole new wave of Stormtroopers, droids and lightsaber-wielding goodies and baddies leading the cosplay charge into 2016.