John Romero’s New Teaser Is Basically Star Wars

John Romero cheekily sort-of-but-not-really revealed that he was working on something last week when a whole bunch of nonsense about a fake holographics company. And that came after he released a new DOOM level.

So if you weren’t convinced already that he’s making another video game, here’s another trailer to set you right. It’s basically Star Wars.

Small spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen the finale of The Force Awakens yet, you’re about to have it ruined. The amount of readers on Kotaku who haven’t is probably exceptionally small, if not close to zero, but there’s a spoiler alert all the same.

Romero, one of the co-creators of iD Software and a driving force on many of their classic titles, is making a return to the first-person shooter market with concepts that no-one has supposedly seen before.

The official announcement won’t be until the 25th. For now Romero is casting himself as Luke Skywalker, being drawn back into the universe with a random keyboard and what looks like a Steelseries mouse, thanks to fellow iD co-founder Adrian Carmack.

Laying the Star Wars on pretty thick, there.

But it gets even better. Below you’ll find the track that plays when Rey meets Luke at the end of The Force Awakens. It’s a nice piece. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, it fits perfectly with Romero’s new teaser.

Listen to Romero’s teaser first, and pay attention to the music. Now pause the track underneath when it reaches 37 seconds, and start Romero’s teaser from the beginning.

It’s uncanny how well the two work with each other. Deliberate, no doubt. Even the transition makes a lot more sense, especially if you get the timing right.

Question is: what’s Romero and Carmack (potentially Carmack, anyway) working on that’s worth all the fuss?

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