This Is A Really Neat Way To Advertise Indies

Every year, the Adelaide-based convention AVCon plays host to a lot of cool indie games. Most of them are Australian, and some of them are really good. And this year, they've put together the perfect video to show them off.

Photo: AVCon

As they did last year, Monkeystack has put together a trailer for the Indie Games Room. It shows off all the games that you'll be able to play over the duration of AVCon, which runs from July 15 to July 17.

Some of the games are making a return appearance, but for the most part there are plenty of new and interesting projects. The video itself is also vastly improved from last year's promo: it's snappier, more cleanly designed, and easier to work out what the name of each game is, and who's developing it.

Also, I'm really into this music.

Some of the games look like early prototypes, but there's also plenty with a lot of promise. The Eyes of Ara looks like it might scratch the same itch as Myst or The Room; Really Nice Poltergeist has a great art style; Experience could be a fun visual novel; and the brief second of Blind at the end looked really intriguing.

AVCon often serves as a great primer to what you'll see at PAX Australia, or what you might be missing out on. If you're going to AVCon this year, tell us: what are you most looking forward to?


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