Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs 2 Announcement

Video: And now it's time for an annual Ubisoft tradition: the announcement of an announcement. Per this lame teaser, Watch Dogs 2 will be officially unveiled on Thursday at 2:00am AEST. Fortunately, Kotaku has already learned most of the important details about Watch Dogs 2: It's set in San Francisco, it stars a black hacker named Marcus and we're expecting it for PS4/XB1/PC this spring (unless they have delayed it for some reason). Two days 'til we see the game in action.


    That is a bad teaser. I mean it shows nothing to even get me remotely excited. However, I eagerly await this game as I really enjoyed the first game. Yes, it had some issues and I'm sure Ubisoft will fix those problems in the sequel. So bring it on.

      As long as they give you the ability to baton anyone you like, and the ability to shoot from your car it'll be great - one of my fave games this gem - that and the Titanfall sequel have my Xmas covered!

        Those plus a few more features in open-world games that it was clearly missing. But I was happy with the starting point, and I'm sure it'll improve.

    Sorry Ubi I'm well looked after for my hack-stories thanks to Mr Robot......wait oh god this is going to totally riff on that show isn't it. I literally shuddered.

    I am looking forward to this i really enjoyed the first one despite a few problems with it.

    Sigh. Teasers for announcements... *head-desk*

      For a sequel to a game that was universally panned and no-one wants more of, no less.

    I hope the ABC asked for some money for the use of their logo.

    There's potentially a great game here if they learn from the first game's mistakes.

    Most notably a boring protagonist and boring minigames. I gave up after about wave 18 of my very first attempt of the AR minigame because it was so boring and repetitive. The parkour running felt like it should have been a lot more fun than it ended up being, as well.

    Won't be jumping on the hype train for this one. After the disappointment that was Watch_Dogs, I just can't. I even tried to go back a second time on next gen. I just couldn't grow attached to the protagonist, and the driving.. Oh don't even let me rant about that.

    I'll wait for reviews on this one.

    Yeah... we're going to need more than that to be able to achieve even the smallest amount of anticipation.

    Ubisoft Announces Watch Dogs 2 Announcement

    I appear to have stumbled onto Point & ClickBait by accident....oh wait.

    I enjoyed the first game for what it was. The main character was a bit shit, so the news that the second game has a different protagonist sounds good to me.

    If they manage an Assassins Creed -> Assassins Creed 2 level of refinement, this could be quite good.

    I wonder if they'll have a cameo of the world's most boring sociopath.

    I skipped the first one despite being excited for it. Hoping they pull an AC2 with this. At this stage no interest but let's see how it goes.

    Im sick of this 'less is more' bullshit.
    what was the point. A trailer for a trailer...

    I wonder what Adam Jensen would say about this?...

    'threatening to unleash another watch dogs disaster' is more appropriate.

    This sequel wouldn't even exist if gamers didn't lap up the absolutely shite that ubisoft produces

    I hope Jordi Chin moves to san fran for this game...

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