Xbox One's Fallout 4 Mod Traffic Was 50 Times Bigger Than PC At Launch

The Most Popular Fallout 4 Mods On Xbox One

Mods. Console owners have been waiting for this. I think this proves it.

Mod support for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One launched this week and it was pretty insane. A lot of people wanted in on the action. According to Bethesda themselves the Xbox One traffic completely outstripped the PC.

Sure, there might have been other factors: the novelty of mods on consoles surely must have played a part, as did the broad range of mods now available. You could argue that PC users take mods for granted and were therefore less likely to get excited about them.

Regardless, 50 times bigger in terms of traffic — that's a big number. To be clear, Bethesda is comparing the Xbox One launch to the PC launch.

Those are some spectacular numbers. Wonder how the PS4 launch will compare when it takes place towards the end of June.


    Except every PC user gets their mods from Nexus Mods and not from smelly Bethesda.

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      Bingo!!!!! Pretty sure Nexus mods stats would discredit this.

      True, but I've got no problem with them bending the truth or cherry picking stats to boast about their success on this. I mean A) they did something good here that deserves a little praise and B) some impressive (at face value) results might encourage more developers to consider this.
      We've seen others try similar schemes but console mods have never really taken off. With any luck Bethesda boasting great results from this will help the idea finally gain traction with big budget publishers who won't dip their toes into a new idea until they see someone else get rich off it.
      At the very least this sort of claim shows Microsoft and Sony that it's worth letting go of some control in order to facilitate mods on consoles. It's not perfect but it's a stepping stone. The next game that wants to do this can say 'hey, why don't you give me a little more to work with, Fallout 4 showed you that it pays off'.

    Wouldn't this also be a case of there being a plethora of mods for people to download on consoles now as opposed to there on PC at launch?

    Making the comparison between Bethesda-hosted mods on PC and XBone is beyond irrelevant if you don't include the Nexus.

    Well. Not completely irrelevant, I guess... It kind of just serves to highlight how Bethesda's locked-down mod page is utterly pointless on PC, where we can get ALL the mods, not just the 'vetted, family-friendly' ones.

      Right, the best mods are the ones that you cannot post on Bethesda's (or similar) platform(s), either for copyright or "decency" reasons.

    Hmmmm I wonder if the most popular mod was the one that gives characters bigger tits......

    nexus aside, lets also not forget that when the modding scene started up on pc there was virtually no content being so new, compared to months later when xbox one users have a ridiculous selection to go through.

      Yeah, the overwhelming majority of the xbone mods are direct ports of well-established PC mods. This really is PR nonsense.

    Even though I imagine there would be considerable interest in the first time Xbox users could download mods, there are several points that are being overlooked.
    It has been a good 6 months since the game was released, and if I'm anything like other gamers, the first play-through of a game like this is mod-free.
    A vanilla first run.
    Secondly, it's only in the last week that I've wanted to dive into a new game of modded fallout myself, the timing of the Xbox mod launch is perfect, it goes hand in hand with Far Harbour DLC when many people are returning to the game.
    Thirdly, Xbox mods were launched less than a week ago, how many pc mods even existed a week after game release.
    Lastly, and I'll base this on above comments, that the figures don't take into account the Nexus. I have NEVER sourced mods from Bethesda's page, I didn't even know they hosted mods until a week ago when I started looking for my new play through.

      Yeah, my first time seeing the 'mods' option on the PC main menu was a couple weeks ago. It sure as hell wasn't there for launch.

    Yeah, sure, ignore nexus just to boost more sales and popularity for the consoles. Now we'll get even MORE PC games weirdly optimized to consoles despite being on the PC. Thanks Beths. Thanks so much.

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