15 Pokémon GO Captures Made While Sitting On My Arse

In case you were worried about having to walk to capture anything in Pokémon Go, my phone's been sitting at my desk since I downloaded the game, and I've done alright. As much as I enjoyed wandering the streets of my neighbourhood in the Pokémon Go beta, normally my workday movements are a lot more restricted. Generally I wake up around 8:00AM, wander into my office and stay there until around 8:00PM, barring trips to the kitchen or the bathroom. Seeing as no one needs pictures of my bathroom, I left the phone at my desk today. That desk is located right about here.

Not a bad haul, 15 Pokémon, especially considering the servers have been closed to my region for about five hours now. Of the lot, one was a starter (Charmander) and five were caught under the influence of the two Pokémon-luring incense items new players start out with, but the rest were just wandering about my area.

So don't worry, my sedentary friends. There are Pokémon Go critters in reach of your nest, as long as you are patient.

I leave you with my favourites, Eevee I Didn't Almost Get Killed In Traffic Capturing and Dreamcast.


    I always appreciate the way headlines get it changed to 'arse' for the Australian site.

    I got the opposite problem, I have a Pokestop right outside my front door, so I can hit it every 20 mins, fully stocked on Pokeballs and Eggs.

    But my phones 4G cant connect consistently with the server for me to "GO" hunt pokemon or hatch an egg walking... and pokemon wont go near my house cause the Pokemon wont appear on top of a Pokestop with a minimum 2 footprint range.

    303 Pokeballs, and a Pokemon of 1.

    I was hoping for more info. I know the game uses a hot/cold footprint indicator to find nearby monsters. I also found last night that they can appear anywhere (not just near grass particle spots).
    I want to know more about the mechanics.

    Were you inside/outside, did you have a GPS signal? I've seen pictures of Pokémon appearing in office spaces, but no info about how it appeared.

    I have figured out that once a player spots a pokémon the position is uploaded to the server for it to appear for other players (my GF and I see the same monsters shortly after the other). I've also figured that the game loosely uses google map data to automatically generate grass particle spots and pokéshops by looking at key words like "park" "museum" "shop" "church" as these are guaranteed public spaces.
    I'm yet to test if enough users roam around a particular location (without grass particles) running the app will it become a hot spot? Such as kids using the app at school, or like myself using the app with family in a new housing estate.

    Australia is a big place and as such away from the citys are smaller towns, if enough people use the app in a small town will the amount of pokémon spots grow, and could a gym be established in a spot because of the use?

    Basically does the game use meta data from itself to identify locations and expand.

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