Pokémon GO Players Love Catching Monsters On Their Toilets

Pokémon GO Players Love Catching Monsters On Their Toilets

Pokémon Go is a game that dares you to go outside and explore the world, and yet some of the most popular screenshots of the app in use is people literally pooping while capturing Pokémon.

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This should be no surprise: People love using their phones while in the bathroom. But in this particular case, playing Pokémon Go while in the restroom makes for some hilarious screencaps. Here are some of the best (and grossest) things people are posting on social media:

Casual … #pokemongo #wc

A photo posted by Kaled Manuel Bolivar Rubio (@itskaledmanuel) on

Caught a charmander on the toilet #pokemongo #fuckyeah

A photo posted by Paul J (@brandnew_25) on

Man I really got to contact my landlord about this bug issue. #pokemongo

A photo posted by manderp (@hapahawaiianhippy) on

The first Pokemon I found was a weedle and he was on my toilet ???? #pokemon #pokemon20 #pokemongo

A photo posted by Amiibo Stop (@amiibostop) on

Sai daqui Doduo, me deixa cagar em paz porra. #now #pokemongo

A photo posted by Matt ✌ (@maattskt) on

Image credit: KevinHe92

Image credit: KevinHe92


Image credit: Beastmode1120

Image credit: Beastmode1120

Image credit: DeathSparks

Image credit: DeathSparks

Image via: Pokémon Go Sydney

Image via: Pokémon Go Sydney


I don’t know about you, but I’m probably not going to be playing Go in the bathroom — if I find anything cool, I’d feel embarrassed sharing the story.

Or maybe it would just make it better? Imagine finding a Mewtwo in the crapper. That would be something.


  • I played on the train yesterday afternoon, had to catch an Ivysaur off the lady in front of me, she was not impressed

  • Don’t they appear on the toilet because once you engage in capturing, you can keep moving? So players are more or less just setting it up?

    • Not all of them, it seems to work on distance and time so if you have it open for a while when you are in there you will get it happening. There would be some fiddling to get it into the right position for a photo though

  • i think the funniest one i had, was a Psyduck from the mental hospital next to where i work.

  • I had an Exeggcute on my wifes crutch while we were laying in bed. That really does not sound right at all. LOL.

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