A Dark Theory On What Happens To Transferred Pokemon

A Dark Theory On What Happens To Transferred Pokemon

I love Pokemon GO. It’s fun for the whole family. Cute, cute, cute. I hear that Pidgey is popular with the kids. Well, kids, Pidgey is cute, but Pidgeotto is fierce. It’s probably because he subsists off the recycled, ground-up appendages of Pidgeys past. But don’t worry about that!

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To evolve Pidgey into Pidgeotto, you will need to “transfer” some Pidgeys, a mechanic that is not very well-explained in Pokemon GO. I have a theory about what it means.

Do you want to know how to evolve your Pidgey into a Pidgeotto? Just follow my advice.

Catching your first Pidgey can be thrilling. When the Pokedex registers your new companion, let yourself feel the rush of a new forever-friend. Imagine yourself reveling in youth together, travelling the world and evolving as one into stronger, better, faster creatures. Or maybe you’ll find another Pidgey in 10 seconds and send this one to the meat market.

Oops! We’ll get to that later. Now, after you find your first Pidgey companion, you’ll need to go out into the world and find 11 more. No problem! There are plenty. More Pidgey friends for your Pidgey friends.

You’ll notice a number above your Pidgey. This indicates how powerful your adorable new Pidgeys are, how capable they are of vanquishing lesser enemies with bloody talon and piercing beak. In Professor Willow’s world, Pidgeys with more power triumph over the weak, like the protagonists of an Ayn Rand novel. To make sure that the stronger evolve and the lesser are discarded into nothingness, you will need to collect Pidgey Candy. What is Pidgey Candy, you ask?

I think they’re being forced to eat themselves.

Let’s consider. To get enough Pidgey Candy to level up your Pidgey, you will need to transfer 11 Pidgeys to Professor Willow. “Transferring” refers to the game mechanic in which you abandon a Pidgey and it, somehow, turns into Pidgey Candy. “You can’t take it back after it’s transferred to the Professor,” Pokemon GO warns you. “Do you really want to transfer Pidgey to the Professor?”

Do you really want to convert scrap Pidgey parts into candy and feed it to your strongest monster, nourishing it on the splintered bones of its former mate? Do you really want your beloved bird-friend to become cannibal fodder? Kid, do you really want that Pidgeotto?

Do you want to be the very best?


  • I was waiting to see how ling it would take for something like this to surface. If the candies are made from the pokemon we transfer than how can we get 3 candies for each pokemon we catch?

    • Cause its not “Candy”… its poop!
      When you catch them, its so shocked it poops itself and when you transfer it leaves you a parting gift.
      Also everyone knows newborns are poop machines… that why you get more when they hatch 😛

      • Done, sold. I’m ok with this. Although now there’s the problem of cramming a pidgey with 12 handfuls of poop to force it to evolve.

        We’re very bad pet owners.

    • Yeah! And if steak is made from cows, how come we get multiple steaks from the same cow!

        • You also can’t get the candies and still have a fully functioning Pokemon…
          Nor a Pokemon at all, for that matter…

          • @tofu

            It’s entirely plausible that you would get heaps of candy from each pokemon you minced up (like… 100 candies per Snorlax). Getting candy for each Pokemon you catch might be like some kind of capture incentive scheme from mincing people… you get rewarded for catching more pokemon, so you catch more pokemon, then you trade in more pokemon, and they grind up more pokemon to make candies, and the cycle repeats.

          • I mean, it’s possible but if I’m mincing up the pokemon I catch, how can I also put that pokemon at a gym or eventually trade it when that’s available?

  • The only problem with this, is you also get pidgey candy simply for catching one. So unless pokemon carry around dead compressed members of their species, it can’t be that. It could be pokemon poop I guess.

    • That won’t stop PETA from running around slapping phones out of people’s hands, screaming, “Viva la Pokémon revolución!”

  • Pokemon are fictional. These things exist for our enjoyment and we will exploit them as long as it’s entertaining ^_^

    It’s not like we treat real sports stars and celebrities any better actually…

  • Just look at the previous games and the show if you want to know what transfer means. I’ll give you a hint. It’s exactly what it says. Ash even goes and visits the Pokemon he transfers to Oak and the other Professors.

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