A Future Game About Cats

HK is a game that is very early in development. But it looks so cool that I figured it was worth sharing. Being made by a small team in France, it's a sci-fi adventure game about a cat. And you are the cat.

There really aren't enough games about cats.

Here's a couple of graphics tests:

A Future Game About Cats

And here's something a bit more practical:

Like I said, it's still early days, so don't go expecting to be playing this anytime soon. But if you want to follow HK's development, you can check out their site here.


    Looks interesting, and oddly reminds me of a psx game from way back about being a spider. I think the team will need to work very hard on the animations for the cat however.

      Indeed.... hopefully if you leave your controller alone for a while the character schiz's the fuck out for no reason :D

    Makes me think of Deadly Creatures. Damn that was great.

    This is the sort of animal cat game I could get interested in playing, something the is real life-like and atmospheric, makes you think your actually a cat and not a cartoon character!

    I hope there is a really involved story line, but because you're a cat you neither understand or give a flying duck about it.

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