I Want To Play This Game About Being A Cat In Hong Kong

I'm a dog person and I'd really like a good dog simulator.

But let's be real here — it would be way more interesting to play a video game as a cat. Think about it.

Think about the crazy shit cats do. They're crazy.

But this game is about more than just being a cat. This is about being a cat in Hong Kong. More specifically it's about being a cat in Kowloon Walled City, a crazily populated area of Hong Kong that is pretty much ungoverned. That's just an astonishingly interesting high concept for a video game.

And the best part: it looks pretty awesome so far.

All we really have to go on is this GIF, posted on the game's developer blog.

But man, what a GIF.

Having a dig into the archives of that development blog it's possible to get a rough idea of how the game will play.

Through videos like this:

And this:

This is apparently taken via Unreal Engine 4. It looks awesome.

I'm going to be keeping a close eye on this one as it develops. It doesn't even have a proper name yet. It's called HK Project at the moment. That's it!

You can follow the developers here on Twitter.


    My wife loves cats and is from Hong Kong, so definitely keeping an eye on this for her.

    Lol the screenshot is not even close to what Hong Kong actually looks like.

      It's what the Kowloon Walled City looked like (however that is no longer there, it got torn down)

    Ah this guy does some truly incredible environment art with UE4 as well, very talented indeed.

    It's kind of amazing he's got the cat looking as great as it already does, they are horribly difficult to get looking "right" in a realistic animation.

    Playing a cat in Hong Kong. So a horror survival game...

    I'm sure someone was thinking it.

    Always been interested in Kowloon since I saw Crime Story as a kid. Could be really fun.

    The first video looks like Assassin's Creed except you're a cat.

    Hope they smooth out the cat's animations a bit.

    Oooh, came up with a better one. Lets call it My Kitten Rules.

    This looks like it could be really fun

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