In Post Game Interview, Hearthstone Player Calls For The Liberation Of Hong Kong

During the Hearthstone Grandmasters, Hong Kong player Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai appeared on an official Taiwanese Hearthstone stream in a gas mask and called for the liberation of his city.  

The gas mask was similar to that which the protesters in Hong Kong have been wearing. As our colleagues at Gizmodo report, anti-mask measurements have been instituted in Hong Kong, banning the protesters from obscuring their faces. 

Inven Global reports that Blitzchung removed the gas mask and said, “Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our age!”

The two casters on the stream hid underneath the desk, apparently wanting nothing to do with the player’s statements. According to Inven Global, they told him, “OK, that’s it, Blitz bro.”

The stream then quickly cut to a commercial.

Blitzchung issued the following statement to Inven:

As you know there are serious protests in my country now. My call on stream was just another form of participation of the protest that I wish to grab more attention. I put so much effort in that social movement in the past few months, that I sometimes couldn’t focus on preparing my Grandmaster match. I know what my action on stream means. It could cause me lot of trouble, even my personal safety in real life. But I think it’s my duty to say something about the issue.

The official Taiwanese stream has since removed the clip, but this being the internet, it has been preserved and shared online. 


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