How Has It Taken Us This Long To Get Peggy Carter As Captain America?

How Has It Taken Us This Long To Get Peggy Carter As Captain America?

The fact that Peggy Carter becoming Captain America is just for a Marvel mobile game tie-in and not, say, an ongoing comic book series that lasts 10 years is breaking my heart as much as it’s making me want to triumphantly wave the stars and stripes, and I’m not even American.

This year marks Captain America’s 75th birthday, and aside from the release of Civil War and Marvel Comics turning Steve into a secret Hydra double agent (but not really), the company is celebrating across their swathe of mobile and PC games, with new incarnations of the legendary hero being released for each one.

They range from the mildly boring (teenage-hero-based Avengers Academy gets a World War II Captain America, for example) to the completely terrible (like the Steampunk Captain America 1901 for Avengers Alliance 2), to the downright weird (like Future Flight‘s Sharon Rogers, the lance-armed daughter of an alternate Steve and Peggy).

Ugh, steampunk Captain America is the worst.

Ugh, steampunk Captain America is the worst.

But the best, by a country mile — by several country miles — is Puzzle Quest‘s Peggy, which imagines a scenario in which Steve was assassinated before the super solider project was completed, leaving accomplished field Agent Carter to take his place.

I mean sure it’s a character for a gem-matching mobile phone game BUT BLOODY LOOK AT THIS. I want the faux-old-timey radio play. The Netflix miniseries. The comic book. Five dozen action figures (and at least three of them with a ‘Lady Liberty Karate Chop’ action feature). Get the mad scientists of the world on the phone, because I want to be in the alternate universe where Peggy Carter is the Captain America.

The alternate Captain Americas, including Peggy, are available to acquire through limited-time events in their respective games now. But let’s be real, Captain Carter is the only one you should probably go for.


  • Well… was anyone ever *really* asking for this in the first place I guess? Thats where you start.

    • Didn’t you get the memo? Apparently we are meant to want tokenistic gender swapped versions of all male characters in media (as long as they aren’t bad guys), and say we would buy everything associated with said gender swap.

      Then when a company does it they sell fuck all. They stop doing it, get branded sexist, when in reality their product just reflects what most people actually want rather than what they say they want publically to seem like a morally superior person.

      • Someone said a while back, a writer, that Marvel had a mandate that barely any new characters were to be made, just that existing ones were to be chopped and changed. I remember them being laughed off, told they were full of shit on this article they spoke up in. What we’ve seen this last two years screams of nothing but what they said. I understand this is just a game here, but in the comics, what we’ve seen it’s pretty clear that’s what they’re doing.

        • Yeah, it doesn’t surprise me. It doesn’t bother me if that’s what they do. The authors exaggerated desire for this is a bit hard to swallow though.

    • My daughter has been cosplaying as 40s Peggy Cap for years, and she is so excited about the concept and has been pestering Marvell to make a comic.
      Also it makes sense that she could have picked up the mantle when Cap went on ice, so as a storyline, I think it is both interesting and makes sense. We will be buying the comics if they ever make them.

    • This is one gender swap I’m okay with. I wasn’t okay with X-23 becoming Wolverine, though. But Peggy being the new Cap? I’m okay with this. I’ll reserve my true hatred and vitriol for when Optimus Prime becomes Optimus Primess.

  • I mean sure it’s a character for a gem-matching mobile phone game

    To be fair, the game has an amount of depth that most gem-matching mobile games don’t have.

  • While I am getting truly sick of the constant gender/race-swapping going on in comics, the idea of Peggy Carter taking on the mantle of Captain America (during the years he is frozen) is rather intriguing. I like it.

    • She’s female, that’s more important than a British person taking the mantle of Captain America.

      • I thought she was French in the comics? Didn’t Cap meet her when she was in the French Resistance?

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