Is There A 3DS Charger In The House?

Video: Eeveespiritt's Summer Games Done Quick speedrun of New Super Mario Bros. 2 had almost reached the final boss, when everything went black. I was watching the run with my wife on Sunday evening, having convinced her the bi-annual week-long charity speedrunning marathon was much better than not watching a new Game of Thrones episode. Eeveespiritt proved me right. "What? Oh shoot, my DS ran out of battery."

Battery charge levels are a completely understandable thing to miss when preparing to show off your gaming skills in front of several thousand people online, and Eeveespiritt definitely has skills. She didn't have a 3DS charger with her, but she did have the foresight to save two levels before the big boss battle so she didn't have much to do-over once a charger was found.

See the power loss and its triumphant return at around the 32 minute mark in the YouTube archive below.


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