New Characters Revealed for Tekken 7

Video: Two new characters have been revealed for Tekken 7: Bob and Master Raven. Bob debuted in Tekken 6, while new character Master Raven is master of Raven, who debuted in Tekken 5. Check out the Master Raven trailer below.


    An overweight couch potato and a transgender woman. Gotta portray 'em all, I guess?

      Not sure if down voted for referring to someone as overweight or transgender?

    Probably will give this Tekken a miss. TTT2 was so great it was probably my highpoint of the series aside from maybe 3. So far they're dropping Eddy/Christie/Tiger, Raven (Master Raven is not the same thing), the animals, and they added Akuma to try and appease all those who were waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter which will go the way of the Half Life 3 at this rate. Not to mention that they will obviously remove the Tag mechanic which is super fun.

      im the opposite, i cant stand tag teams. and I love that it is coming to steam. lets hope it has a proper support for console controllers

        Steam support is cool. Might pick it up in a sale then if its a good price.

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