Overwatch Makes For Some Excellent Magic The Gathering Cards

Images: Ayya Saparniyazova, Carlos-Eduardo Beganza and Nudtawut Thongmai

Given that Overwatch is all about recognisable heroes and characters with unique abilities, you'd think that it would make for a perfect cross-over with the world of Magic: The Gathering. And as one designer discovered, that's precisely the case.

Joachim Holmer is the co-founder of Neat Corporation, the team behind the VR stealth game Budget Cuts. He's also a big fan of Overwatch and Magic: The Gathering, as it turns out, and as designers often do he wondered what it would be like if he mashed the two together.

Using a string of images from Deviantart, Holmer converted Mercy, Roadhog, Reinhardt and the rest of Blizzard's cast into the five colours of Magic. It works surprisingly well and, to Holmer's credit, the heroes even look reasonably balanced. Even the lands look great.

Image: Blizzard
Image: Nick Wong
Image: Kienan Lafferty
Image: Nudtawut Thonghmai
Image: Blizzard
Image: Blizzard
Image: Phong Anh
Image: Joachim Holmer
Image: Ayya Saparniyazova
Image: Vlad Botos
Image: Simon Eckert
Image: Lagunis
Image: Joachim Holmer
Image: Asteltainn
Image: Carlos-Eduardo Berganza
Image: Blizzard
Image: Krisedge

You can view the rest of the designs at Holmer's original Medium post.


    It probably says a lot about me that I constant felt that pedantic urge to correct the wording on most of these. Also, "Group Up" does nothing.

      Bah humbug to your "Rules" and "Words"!!

      But yes, Group up would be a bit useless.

      Widowmaker's second ability is also useless.
      Zenyatta's second ability deals infinite damage.

    Magic doesn't really have "heroes" per se... It'd more apt to match these up with Might & Magic, a game that really does have "recognisable heroes and characters with unique abilities".

    Why would 'group up' do nothing? If you had 5 creatures out, would they not each get +5/+5 to their attacks that round?

      I could be wrong cos I haven't played magic for years but I'm pretty sure it's cos you declare your attackers after playing sorcery cards so the spell would fizzle cos you don't have any creatures attacking yet. If it was an instant it would work

        This is correct. You can only cast sorceries during a main phase, which happens before and after combat. Ergo, you would have no attackers when casting this spell, and it would do nothing.

        Also, the Bastion card is absolutely horrible. 8/1 defender? It's a 5 mana drop for a 3/3 that can make itself even more useless for the mana cost.

          Just like in the real Overwatch when you spam "group up" it does nothing!

        If you really wanted to make it a sorcery you could make it give all creatures the ability "This creature gets +1/+1 for each attacking creature" until end of turn. (Or +X/+X where X is the number of attacking creatures, I think both wordings are fine but +1/+1 ends up a bit more concise).

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