Reporter Busted Playing Pokemon GO During US State Department Briefing

US State Department spokesman John Kirby was trying to talk to the press earlier today about the efforts to combat ISIS, but one reporter had more important things to do. CNN reports that the unidentified culprit was busted by Kirby mid-talk, interrupting his terrorism briefing to say, "You're playing the Pokemon thing right there, aren't you."

The reporter replied "I'm just keeping an eye on it."

After Kirby was done, he circled back around, asking "Did you get one?"

To which the reporter said no, because "the signal's not very good".

Better luck next time, dude.

You can see the whole thing below.


    That's pretty unprofessional, let alone disrespectful, to say the least on the part of the reporter.

      No, no, no, this is a good thing!

      More job opportunities for the rest of us.

      You speak as if public servants deserve respect... I'm confused.

      Last edited 22/07/16 5:38 pm

        Sure they do.

        And even if they didn't, the reporter failed his basic job. He's meant to be reporting on a terrorism briefing. Catching Pokemon is a far cry from anything related to that.

        Especially if he got caught and had the nerve to comment about the signal. What a fucking casual.

        Sure, because terrorism is such a small topic, totally trivial and less important than a game on someone's phone.

        I think it's disrespectful to do this sort of thing in a classroom, to do it as a presumably trained professional during a press briefing on a very serious topic is actually disgusting, regardless of what you might think of public servants.

        I appreciate that you're making something of a joke and I don't mean to attack you or your beliefs, but I actually think it's pathetic that a supposed professional would act like this and the journalist in question deserves to lose their job.

          Well, that comment got the exact response it was supposed to get.
          FYI I share your concerns, just to a lesser degree. I think that lack of concern comes from my lack of "faith" in the media overall.

    Whats the bet he caught a zoobat and rattatta as soon as he left.

    Maybe he wasnt actually a reporter and just a random who followed a big crowd thinking it was a poke-train

      You can't just stumble into those meetings.

        That's not what movies and sitcoms have shown me!

    What a douchebag. at a press conference? dont deserve your job

    its not disrespectful. when the united states is actively not killing ISIS. but it is for Pokemon. The USA is a joke. TRUMP 2016!! make them great again

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