Sadly, Metal Gear Pachinko Has Beautiful Cutscenes 

Video: It's a shame they're in this and not, you know, a video game. This is seven minutes and 36 seconds of Metal Gear pachi-slot, which Kotaku first introduced last month.

Look at these cutscenes! They feel wasted. Just imagine a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake that looks like this and then start feeling slightly glum.


Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater the pachi-slot game will be out this October in Japan.


    While this machine would do poorly at an RSL, it will prob be huge in Japan.

    I know Japanese machines tend to have a bit more fan fare than the plain slot machines, but seeing Metal Gear like this for me is just sad....

    Like Game Of Thrones Candy Crush.

    Watching the video... It's like one of those dreams where something impossibly beautiful is happening and if you wake up you would know if was all a fantasy, so you sleep still... until eventually it changes and the realisation comes - that this thing has been tainted and twisted and you finally do wake up from this nightmare in a cold sweat, haunted for the rest of the day by memories you can't trust.

    Now I want a remake of MGS I - IV with the systems/controls/AI of MGS V.

    It's a joke, right? They're remaking the game on Fox Engine and a surprise reveal is coming. Right?

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