Rhodes Residents Are Fed Up With Pokemon GO Crowds

If you look outside your house at night and see a bunch of people milling around, swiping on their phones, chances are they’re playing Pokemon GO. And for a lot of people, that’s cool. But not everyone enjoys having hundreds of chatty millenials outdoors in the early hours of the morning, and some have taken action.

Discord has been brewing over the last few days in the inner city suburb of Rhodes in Sydney. The area’s a bit of a hotspot for Pokemon GO activity, with intersecting Pokestops making it a perfect location for people to repeatedly drop lures.

But lures and intersecting Pokestops means people hanging around — and those living in nearby apartments haven’t been too thrilled.

One Rhodes resident, who captured the photos above, confirmed to Kotaku that water bombs had been thrown at some of the hundreds of people underneath. Police were also called to the area to move Pokemon GO trainers on, after hundreds of people continued to hang around.

“People camp there with food and water [until] like 3:00 AM for the past two or three days … there were people in the nearby building throwing water bombs at people in the park,” the Rhodes resident said. They added cars were driving around the area, playing the Pokemon theme.

A shot from the Pokemon GO Sydney Facebook group showed how popular one Rhodes park has become:

And some residents have been fairly vocal about their displeasure with their suburb’s newfound popularity.

It comes as emergency services and government departments continue to warn users to use common sense when hunting for Pokemon. The NSW Department of Justice posted late last night that users didn’t need to wander into courthouses to capture Pokemon, and that it was a prohibited offence to use a recording device (like a smartphone) in NSW.

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