Telltale's Batman Begins On August 2

This first episode of Telltales take on both sides of Bruce Wayne arrives early next month. The release date arrives with the game's first trailer, hitting all the bat beats comic book fans are familiar with. We've got crime boss Carmine Falcone acting like he owns the place, Harvey Dent making questionable choices, Alfred worrying about Bruce Wayne's personal life and legacy and Bruce as Batman ignoring those worries, because he's kind of a jerk. Will he choose Vicky Vale or Catwoman? It doesn't matter, he'll never be happy for long anyway.

The first of five season one episodes of Batman: The Telltale Series, "Realm of Shadows", will be available on August 2 for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStations 3 and 4 and Xboxen 360 and One.


    Had me intrigued until the very end. Ugh.

      Why 'ugh'?

      I think it looks really promising.

        Game does look promising. Ugh because of the Joker's laugh at the end of the trailer; it'd be nice to have a Batman story without the overriding need to shoehorn Joker in.

          I thought the UGH had to do with the reminder that it's episodic, and we have to wait wait wait.

          I completely agree. Especially after the 'Arkham' series. They were great but they went WAY too heavy on the joker overload. And they said he was dead in the 2nd, so that the 3rd wouldn't be about him, and there was more of him than ANY OTHER GAME!

          But if they do a different impression of him at least then I'll be happy. But I agree that enough is enough.

            To be fair, what they did with him in Arkham Knight was very smart and really added to the game.

              Only if you enjoy the interpretation. It's not my cup of tea. I just find it really annoying.

                I would have to completely disagree, the joker made the Arkham games intriguing. The way he can manipulate batmans psyche and permanently damage him is absolutely ingenious. I would hate to see a game full of just Falcone like characters. Two-face, scarecrow, and Joker those are the iconic series characters and without them, a Batman game just can't be a Batman game. But that is just my opinion.

            Arkham series stopped after Asylum for me; City was tedium and Joker's growing prominence throughout diminished the impact of other antagonists' subplots.

            Only impression I would like to see at this point is a non-verbal background cameo.

          Agreed. I was kind of hoping the Riddler would be big bad in this one, leading to some clever puzzle designs. But I guess I should know by now that Telltale games are less about the adventure-game-style that they used to be...

          I think a lot of Batman story writers feel pressured to do it due to Js ridiculous popularity. It is possible to argue that due to the characteristics of Bats core rogues gallery Batman would be less interesting without them, the Joker most of all.

    I feel like I'm the only person that's completely done over Telltale and similar games.

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