The Classic '90s Cartoon Batman Is Teaming Up With The Ninja Turtles For A New Comic

Last year, DC Comics announced a Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover series at Comic-Con, and this year they're doing it again — but with a twist.

As revealed by Nerdist this morning, this time Batman and the Turtles won't be their "usual" selves, but their animated series counterparts — for Batman, that means the Bruce Timm-styled Animated Series look, and for the Turtles, it looks like they're taking inspiration from their Nickelodeon show — or more specifically, its comic spinoff, TMNT: Amazing Adventures.

Batman/TMNT Adventures, written by Matthew K. Manning and with art by Amazing Adventures artist Jon Sommariva, will follow Batman on the hunt for an escaped group of his deadliest foes — but when they make their way from Gotham to the Turtles' home in New York City, he has to call them to help re-capture them, before the Turtles' own enemies try to stop him.

The first crossover was a pretty fun idea — and, according to Dan Didio at yesterday's DC Comics press breakfast at SDCC, a series that did very well for the Publisher. So maby it's not too surprising we're getting more of it, but it's still good to see more coming from it — especially with a fresh, stylistic twist. Batman/TMNT Adventures begins this November.


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