Power Rangers Are Getting “Recharged,” Teaming Up With The Ninja Turtles Again

Power Rangers Are Getting “Recharged,” Teaming Up With The Ninja Turtles Again

Back in 2020, Boom Studios had the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team up with the Ninja Turtles in the aptly named Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/TMNT. As written by Ryan Parrott and drawn by Simone di Meo and Walter Baiamonte, the crossover did exactly what the title implies, with the highlight of the whole thing being when the Rangers became ninjas (again) and the Turtles became Power Rangers. And since the Power Rangers will crossover with basically anyone at a moment’s notice, that means we’re due for a sequel.

Revealed during San Diego Comic-Con, Power Rangers/TMNT II will bring back Parrott to write, while art duties will be handled by Dan Mora. Mora created the covers for the original miniseries, and has more recently been handling interiors for DC’s Batman/Superman: World’s Finest comic written by Mark Waid. The sequel’s premise is currently in the dark, but Boom promised this would have even wilder moments than its predecessor.

Image: Dan Mora/BOOM Studios

“The first team up resulted in iconic moments such as Green Ranger Shredder and the Ninja Rangers,” said Boom’s senior editor Dafna Pleban in a press statement. “If you think there’s nothing that could top that, just wait ‘til you see what’s up next for both teams as they face familiar faces and unexpected villains in an adventure full of the new shocking twists and turns!”

Reuniting with the Turtles isn’t the only thing in store for the Rangers. Come October with issue #101, the new creative team of Melissa Flores (The Dead Lucky) and Simona Di Gianfelice (All-New Firefly) will bring original Rangers Jason, Trini, and Zack back into the fold after they’ve spent the last several years in space as the Omega Rangers. Flores called getting to write the unified Ranger team “a literal dream come true, and I can’t stop pinching myself.” As a Rangers veteran who served as an executive producer on the series, Flores added that her run will “aim to honour the incredible history of this iconic series, and push the Rangers to their absolute limits.”

Flores’ hype for the new era was equally shared by Di Gianfelice. Like Flores, she’s a fan of the series, and “MMPR is one of the comic book series I’ve always wanted to illustrate. I’m really excited to start this new adventure with all of you so pick up a copy of issue #101 and prepare to be amazed!”

Image: Mateus Manhanini/BOOM Studios

Look for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101 to hit in October, while MMPR/TMNT II #1 will arrive in December.

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