Another Pokemon GO Death Reported In Japan

Another Pokemon GO Death Reported In Japan

In the Japanese city of Kasugai, a 29-year-old woman was fatally hit by a car as she crossed the street on her bicycle. The driver had been playing Pokemon GO. [Image: TBS News]

This is the second report this week of a Pokemon GO player allegedly hitting and killing a pedestrian. On Thursday, Kotaku reported that two women were hit at a crosswalk in Tokushima. One of the women was killed.

The latest victim, a 29 year-old Vietnamese woman, was hit on August 11 as she crossed the street at the crosswalk, leaving her in critical condition. She passed away yesterday, TBS News reports.

The driver, a 26 year-old company employee, was arrested and is quoted as saying, “Just before, I had been playing Pokemon GO, and I was going to charge my phone, and when I looked away, that’s when it happened.” TBS News reports that this is the second death in Japan caused by drivers playing Pokemon GO.

As previously reported, a recent Pokemon GO update warned players not to play while driving.


  • So he was plugging in his phone not playing Pokemon go. Thanks for trying to give a game a bad rap for no reason.

    • “He had been playing it while driving and then looked away to charge his phone.”
      Playing a game on the phone was still the cause, but clearly the only thing getting a bad rap is the killer driver.

  • So, apart from the fact the notice is incredibly annoying, it doesn’t actually work.
    I’m going to bet that it makes idiots even more dangerous by making them take their eyes off the road to press the “I’m a passenger” button.

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