Beloved Destiny Community Member Dies At 33

Allen Carr Mackey, best known in the Destiny community as 'DrDrizzay101', died on Friday from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to one of his friends. Mackey was 33. Image via toastyToast/NeoGAF

Mackey was well-known to other players — particularly on the Destiny NeoGAF community — as a kind, considerate, always-helpful Destiny addict with a seemingly endless amount of patience. He helped guide friends and strangers through flawless raids, the Trials of Osiris and many of Destiny's other challenges, from simple to excruciating. I played with him a couple of times and always appreciated his enthusiasm.

On NeoGAF today, other players are sharing thoughts and condolences. A small sampling:

Our best wishes go out to Mackey's friends and family. He will be missed.



    Destiny is one of those games that for all of its flaws I could never really fault their community.

    The only poor experience I ever had boiled down to a single person I was playing with amd every one else in the party jeered him into leaving after he crossed the line of no return. It was some really lame too like we were doing "MVP chooses the squads engagement rules for the next round" and I chose standard melee, resulting in a fire-lock losing his marbles and cussing me out (worth noting that I was a rolling striker and had the real rough end of the stick).

      You were lucky. I was subject to 'no gally - GTFO' constantly. I didn't have the time to commit to regular raids or other group events so i was left behind.

      I wish I had met DrDrizzay.

        I played on and off for a year and a bit, but never got a Galy til just before I stopped playing. Never had an issue.

        Agree a good chunk of that community are toxic as fuck, there is still plenty of good people to found though. Just avoid the forums :p

        It's part and parcel of games that are popular/have a big fan base, more idiots lol

    Could you guys update your policy on reporting on this topic please.

      What policy and what topic?

        Well, normal practice is ideally to include a generic referral to Lifeline (13 11 14) at the bottom. It's not strictly clear to me from reports this is needed in this case, however given the circumstances one might make a reasonable inference.

          According to the OP, it was a construction accident, not self inflicted.

          OK Destiny-GAF, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but one of our own has passed away

          Drizzay (Boguester) aka "Mr. Destiny" died Thursday/Friday due to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (Construction Accident)

          He was 33 years old and leaves behind a beautiful wife (only married 3 months), a loving family that he moved back closer to be with

          Drizzay, was a great community member of DGAF. He always was a helpful person to anyone that needed it. Always doing his best to push the community here forward with detail information on being a better player himself but for others to use it and become Legends themselves
          He never was selfish, always the helpful, caring player who wanted the community to prosper

          If you want to leave kind words to the family about Drizzay, you can post on the guestbook:

          RIP, my friend. Thank you for the short time I had with you. You went out of your way to help me and use your time so I could play with you. Those gaming nights and mornings! we talked about life and laughing along the way, those memories will stay with me till the end.

          Last edited 23/08/16 2:37 pm

            Thanks for the clarification guys, maybe further details could of been included to avoid the confusion. Sad all round for his friends and family.

            Just for the record I think the media could do more then the generic lifeline tag but I'm no expert and still think something is better then nothing.

    I don't play Destiny as my social anxiety really puts a stop to the whole multiplayer aspects of gaming but this DrDrizzay sounded like a really nice guy, I never thought I'd use my ps4's social features but i have and there been a godsend, It's not everyday you come across a person willing to help a stranger in a game so, When you do you cherish the friendships made, I love my PlayStation pals.

    So from what I read this was work related and not intentionally, which is pretty common.

    CO being colorless, odorless, tasteless, and initially non-irritating can start to poison you without you even realizing it. Just some info.

      Cheers for the extra info, probably should of been in the article.

    no mention of accident in obit.....

    Very sad, good to see people like him in a community that can be pretty annoying/full of morons. Sucks he left us so soon :( RIP guardian

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