Blizzard Tries To Humanise Bastion With New Overwatch Video

Blizzard Tries To Humanise Bastion With New Overwatch Video

Video: The animated Overwatch short nobody but Bastion players wanted, “The Last Bastion”, just premiered at Gamescom.

According to Overwatch Project Director Ben Dai, Bastion, “an artificial intelligence programmed to do one thing, and one thing only — to fight — comes face-to-face with a choice to alter his destiny”. That’s right, one thing: Posting up in a corner, like an immobile scrap metal trash heap of an Overwatch hero, pushing one button, not moving, killing my whole team and getting Play of the Game. I’m not bitter. No.

Anyway, check out the new short here. Let us know in the comments if it endeared Bastion to you:


  • I was promised blood, violence and use of tobacco!
    All i got was violence which is still cool i guess…

  • Man, Reinhardt looked amazing in that shot. Also, fighting that many Bastions would be a nightmare. Ugh.
    I have no issues with one bastion. It’s when there are 3 that it becomes a problem.

    • Depending on the range, Widowmaker and Hanzo can take out Bastion with ease if he’s in his turret configuration. Whenever I play Bastion I have to tuck myself in a corner to try and limit people taking pot shots at me. What works best is if you have at least 2 Bastions covering each other just inside a choke point. However, you really can’t stay in any one position longer than it takes to kill your first victim and for that victim to respawn and reach the front lines again. The key to Bastion is to remain mobile, judiciously switching between turret and recon configurations.

      • One time, there was a Bastion that we weren’t able to reach on the Anubis temple map, my party of three all switched to Mei to ice wall up and take him out. We won shortly after that, three Mei’s all lined up in different colours.

        Play of the game was that Bastion right before we took him out. You saw us ice wall up and start freeing him at the end. I still have it saved.

    • Absolutely! I’m a big fan of animated movies and until I watched these I didn’t realise that I was sorely missing something where the story is serious with plenty of action but keeps the art stylized and colourful instead of ‘cg so real’.

  • I still don’t know why blizzard doesn’t have these play at the start of the game instead of always the Winston one. Make it random 🙂

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