Get Through Friday With The No Man's Sky Soundtrack

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If you don't consider listening to music a spoiler, then you'll enjoy the fact that the whole No Man's Sky soundtrack is now on YouTube.

The release is on 65daysofstatic's YouTube channel, so it's not a leaked release or something that's going to get taken down in the next couple of hours. The second track, Supermoon, is the one that's been featured the most prominently in trailers before. Being able to listen to it uninterrupted is nice, and like a lot of gaming soundtracks its surprisingly good music for work.

The whole album is just under 48 minutes long, and if you want to pre-order and send some money to 65daysofstatic you can do so via Laced Records.

Supermoon and Red Parallax stick out the most for me. What are your favourites?


    I don't wanna sound like an arsehole here... but can we have an embargo on NMS articles now Kotaku until the release or something? It's getting a bit beyond the joke, we're reaching WB Batman V Superman promo levels here...

      This is about the music, a key component to the reason why I will be purchasing this game. I did not know this link existed before Kotaku posted here and do not see why this is “ruining” your potential experience with the game?

      You could always not click on any article that mentions this game as well?

        I guess, but if we disregard the Pokemon Go and No Mans Sky articles... what else is there on Kotaku this week :O

    Can you guys please do a local price round up for this game?

    I thought the soundtrack was meant to be procedural..? Cool though.

      It is! 65 arranged the procedural elements they created into songs in order to release the album.

        So, you could say this is a static soundtrack ...

    Also while your are there listen to 65 days of static's back catalogue. They are an excellent band.

      I loved the “new” soundtrack they did for Silent Running!

    thoroughly enjoyed this. helped my through my Friday Afternoon.

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