No Man’s Sky Fans Are Having A Meltdown Over Leaked Copies

No Man’s Sky Fans Are Having A Meltdown Over Leaked Copies

We’re just a week away from the release of the much-hyped space game No Man’s Sky, and there are already leaked copies floating around, which means early impressions are popping up. And some fans are having a meltdown.

Over the past few days, players with early copies of No Man’s Sky have been posting streams and impressions of their experiences. As a result, fans of the game — really, fans of the game’s marketing and hype — have started fretting about No Man’s Sky’s length, bugs and lack of variety, among many other things. Since Saturday, when Redditor Daymeeuhn bought a copy of the game on eBay for $US1300 ($1711), forums like GAF and Reddit have been full of people freaking out over his early thoughts.

For example, Daymeeuhn claimed that his game had crashed several times and that he’d found quite a few bugs. He also said he’d discovered the centre of the galaxy — one of the big mysteries of No Man’s Sky — in just 30 hours. In a variety of posts detailing his impressions of the game, Daymeeuhn dashed the hopes of anyone who thought No Man’s Sky would be an absolutely perfect dream world with rainbows and sprinkles and infinitely fun gameplay. For some people, that’s been a rude awakening, and the subreddit has been full of disappointment and outrage for the past two days. Does space combat really suck? Is that one resource really busted? Are there really that many bugs?

(You can read Daymeeuhn’s most recent impressions here and much more here, if you don’t mind spoilers.)

Some people have tried to convince themselves that Daymeeuhn’s impressions aren’t real, to the point where some on the No Man’s Sky reddit have compiled a spurious list of evidence that Daymeeuhn isn’t actually playing a final version of the game. (Unlikely — although there probably will be a day-one patch.) Here at Kotaku we don’t yet have a review copy of No Man’s Sky, so we can’t prove or disprove any of Daymeeuhn’s claims.

This image, by Redditor disc_, sums the whole situation up nicely:

My advice: Everybody relax. In just a week we’ll know whether No Man’s Sky was really worth all the hype.


    • Eh I preordered because I like the concept. Doesn’t matter if it live up to the hype or not lol

      • I am the same. I pre ordered it just for something new and different. Story or not I don’t care I just want to explore and wonder what if.

        • It’s risking ~$60, hardly the end of the world. Thats a couple of rounds of drinks on a weekend, and if I get more than a couple of hours entertainment out of it, same result. I’ve been entertained.

          • The soundtrack alone is worth $30 to me, so 30 hours of entertainment on top of that is a good deal. anything else is a bonus.

      • I said the biggest whingers will have pre-ordered. Not everyone who has pre-ordered is a whinger. I hope it’s good but will simply hold out for reviews.

        • The biggest whingers will be those idiots who have pre-ordered

          Clearly you are directing “idiots” to the people that pre-ordered which probably consist of me @ftwstewieg and @grunt. I’m clearly slightly offended when I replied to your first comment 🙂

          • To be fair, if I understand him correctly, he’s not directing it to ALL pre-orders, but trying to say that those that complain will be the most emotionally invested in the game, and more than likely pre-ordered months ago. I think.

            Those that got emotionally invested to the point of pre-ordering months ago (or longer) have high expectations, and like games before it, there will be people in that group that are going to be disappointed. They’ve read enough into the game well before release to take the risk, but are also going to be the most critical (and vocal) of the smallest details.

            To use other examples, Spore wasnt a bad game, its just not what people wanted it to be. This potentially is the same. And the big games doing something new are always like that, you can look at Black and White as another example. Not a BAD game, just not what people wanted, and in the end all people remembered was the firepoo flinging avatars.

            FWIW I pre-ordered only last week. I want the game to work, but realise it might not meet my expectations. As the cost is something I can comfortably afford it wont worry me if its a waste of money. But not everyone has that luxury.

          • That’s the core of preordering and not preordering anyway. People who had the luxury doesn’t care but those that don’t will be the the vicious blood hungry madman when the game is not they expected it to be.

            Not to mention, they only paid what $10 to preorder or $0 sometimes? Not sure where the hate comes from too. Steam is even giving refund straight up as well if you really did buy the game and disappointed.

            So idk what is the hate and what makes those that preorderered the game the whiners but majority of the whiners are just fake whiners that don’t plan to get the game at all.

            Seen more than enough people talking shit about games that they did play and just listen from other whiners.

          • I think you guys need to take this behind the dunnies and sort it out the ol’ fashioned way.

        • The BIGGEST whingers are probably the same sort of people who sent death threats when it was delayed I’m feeling. Which is weird because they’re most likely whinging about the problems that the delay was caused by trying to fix.
          Then again, some people are only happy when they’re not so maybe there’s just no winning…

  • I feel genuinely sorry for some of these people. It’s just a video game, and maybe not even a great one. This kind of obsession is incredibly unhealthy.

    • Most of the fans (particularly those on Reddit) overhyped it with expectations and unconfirmed features they were hoping would be in the game. They kind of only have themselves to blame for treating this game like it would be the third coming of Half Life.

      • I agree, I think this game has been grossly overhyped. I’m bothered by the fact the developers have kept tight-lipped on what kind of actual gameplay is involved for the entirety of the game’s development, I think that’s a really bad sign. If you have good gameplay, you absolutely talk about it to get more people interested before release. You only keep your game details hidden when you’re hoping to pass off a lemon to preorders and day one buyers sight-unseen.

        I certainly hope it’s a good game, but there are red flags all over it right now.

        • The devs themselves have been fairly open over it though, showing development videos, turning up at Gaming conventions and shows etc. There’s been people playing this over the last year pretty solidly in little previews here, IGN, other sites etc. They haven’t hidden the game at all. What we *have* seen though are the unrealistic expectations of gamers and gaming sites building this game up into something it’s clearly not. Maybe they’ll take something away from this in terms of future expecations, but probably not…

          • Do you have any links to where they’ve shown what kind of medium term play the game has? Everything I’ve seen doesn’t seem to show much longevity, but I’m sure I’ve missed some stuff.

          • Here you go, here’s one from 3 months ago. A 20 minute video. You’ll find plenty more scattered over the last 18 months, little bits here and there.


            Then there was another from Playsation Access:

            It’s simply one of those games where you’ll get out of it what you put into it. If you’re after heavy narrative etc, I’m guessing you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re after a game to chill out in, to fly around, trade etc and play about in like say, Starbound, I’d say this is looking like this is the same sort of game. I stand by what I said though, I haven’t seen the devs really say anything out of ‘reality’ with this game, it’s mainly been the fans going stupid and the sites being absolutely ridiculous about it with the hype train.

          • Hey look, it finally got authorised. I’ll check it out after work, thanks for the links.

          • There was a guy at IGN who did a playthrough a while back, it shows quite a lot if I remember correctly. A quick youtube will find it – I can’t get the link at work.

          • I think @weresmurf has posted some links, they’re just stuck in moderation hell right now because the system here automatically does that with more than like one or two links. Just waiting for it to be authorised.

        • The hype has been the fault of gamers. If devs talk too much people get overhyped and they get blamed. They did the opposite here and people ran away with the concept making stuff up. They can’t win. Fans are their own worst enemy.

          Doom kept a few things under wraps and didn’t have a SP dsmo prior to release and people said the same stuff. The game was great. Not saying much doesn’t inherently mean dishonesty.

          • People will get butthurt one way or the other, sure. Though personally I’d always prefer more information than less. Keeping tight-lipped doesn’t automatically correspond to deception, but it can certainly be taken as a warning indicator. I always take that kind of thing as a sign to be cautious and wait for public reviews before making any moves.

      • To be honest Half Life was good but hardly revolutionary. Yeah I know, blasphemy. There is no way in hell a HL3 has a change of even pleasing half of its fans if it came out today.

      • The fanatics on both sides of Star Citizen are ridiculous, yeah. I’m a backer of Star Citizen myself but there’s just crazy over the top nonsense going on with both these games.

    • Yeah, anyone who builds themselves up that much is definitely setting themselves up for a fall.

    • Word. My hype for the game was seriously hampered by seeing how devout it’s fans (particularly on Reddit) are. It’s a video game, and it’s likely not going to be a religious experience like so many expect it to be.

    • All obsession is unhealthy. The whole concept of obsession is actually really disturbing and I don’t really understand how anyone could rationally be like that…. perhaps it’s a kind of addiction. Perhaps it’s just magnified by the anonymity and lack of context/tone on the internet.
      Who knows, but I do seem to see it a lot more these days. I basically equate it to fanaticism.

  • I still don’t understand the hype for this game…every time I’ve seen it showed off I’ve just thought “oh, that looks cool. Wonder if it will be decent?”

    Still wondering…It’s a strong contender for my next game purchase but will want to see some early reviews/gameplay first.

  • *GASP* Videogame released, doesn’t fulfill the hype lumped on it by gaming websites and unrealistic expectations of gamers who hyped it worldwide! Doesn’t work as promised on day of release prior to patches! In other news, WATER STILL WET! News at 11.

  • The games not even out yet. People need to calm their tits – The developers will issue patches after the release. Thankfully my hype wasn’t too high on the game; I was hyped, but mostly because it’s a game where I can just jump in, entertain myself for a while, and then stop playing. Also SPAAAAACEE

      • Pretty much. It seems like a great time waster, but it’s not the game of the millennium that people are claiming it would be.

        Another thing.. If you want the game to last longer.. DON’T FLY TO THE DAMN CENTER OF THE GALAXY. Fly around space, explore, find artifacts.

      • You know what I’d find funny? If these “leaks” are just modified copies of the game that are purposely buggy/short.

  • I’m still pretty hyped for this. I see it like I see Minecraft. A game I’ll probably binge on for the first few weeks, then just chuck it on here and there between other games. A good chill out game.

  • this games always had an odd core fan base. it’s been discussed here previously but any time you post something not positive people attack you for it. it’s like it’s become a religion for some people. i’m expecting it to be a good game but was never expecting the greatness some people seem to expect.

    • I think it would be fare to save the negativity until the game is actually out and when they actually played the game?

      Too many offensive haters that simply hate the concept of the game and just attack away saying it is the worst game ever etc etc just by watching the trailer.

    • Do you think some of it is driven by the fact that it’s PS4 console exclusive?

      I think there’s at least some correlation between the childish fanboys that care a lot about console loyalty and the kind of people who go insane if anyone suggested that their much-hyped excusive isn’t perfect.

      For the record I think this game looks really cool even though I know nothing about it. I’m going to be shitty if its great only because I’m waiting for the new Super PS4 or whatever it’s being called before I buy one.

      • I think its a combination of that combined with how much hype the devs gave it and then the media ran with it. People end up thinking the game is going to be the second coming of jesus before it’s even released.

        Like you i think it looks really cool and i’m pumped for it, this game will have it’s blatant xbox haters who try and put it down but throughout it’s development some fans have gotten abusive on other sites just for saying things like wait for more info before declaring it’ll be the best game of this generation.

        Some of the reaction to this guys leaks has been crazy too considering nearly all of his reactions have been positive and he has said numerous times he likes the game.

        • How much hype the devs gave it? they showed a few things and said next to nothing, mostly what they did say was “you’ll have to wait and see, we didnt want to show you too much and spoil it” that is the complete opposite of hype.
          The hype came from people speculating to fill the information vacuum around the game. Daily there were new threads on what the multiplayer will be like, what bases you could build, what animals you wanted to carry around in your ship and all sorts.

    • That’s what happens when you show people a glimpse and then provide nothing more than optimism for three years. I’m just treating this the same way I’d treat a Peter Molyneaux game – seems to be following the same marketing pattern.

  • No Man’s Sky is the bottle from ‘The Gods Must be Crazy’…throw that thing into a room and watch rational people tear each other apart

  • Maybe I missed the hype train for this one, but as far as i know, it is a game about scanning rocks, plants , animals etc for currency/ ability to name them and then using said currency to build ships/things to then find more planets to scan rocks, plants, animals on.
    Then in your way are npc ships/mobs that you can kill and loot and maybe just maybe will you bump into another player who you can kill or scan rocks with

    • Yes you missed the hype train… no your right thats exactly what the game is as far as we know… it had a cult like following purely based on its potential via ignorance that its gameplay mechanics were limited.

  • Main points here:

    1) the game was massively overhyped to begin with so maybe it’s better people are let down ahead of time.
    2) he probably IS playing a “final” build rather than some beta build, however;
    3) there’ll probably be a day one patch, and I assume that this game has some online features that aren’t fully active since the game isn’t technically out for another week.
    4) he played with the sole objective of getting to the core which took him “only” 30-35 hours, which isn’t really that bad. I think it’s this aspect that was overhyped. People seemed to think they were going to be playing some epic drawn out campaign. He also apparently completed every crafting recipe available in the game, which again, is based on what content shipped on the disc rather than anything patched in or available online.
    5) It seems like this game has been, from day one, that you enjoy playing, not completing. Otherwise what’s the point of the 180 gajillion procedurally generated worlds etc.? If the game is still engaging and there are tons of planets to discover and explore, this guy saw not even an appreciable fraction of the content.

    I’m actually more interested now than I was before, TBH. I probably won’t get around to playing it anytime soon, but I will play it.

  • i am still excited to play the game but i never saw it as anything more then exploring and chilling out, im sure itll get boring but sometimes its nice to just do things for no reason

  • Even if the game was amazing (no idea if it is or not at this pre-release point) there is no way it could have ever lived up to the hype that people created for it.

    Now their Cognitive Dissonance is breaking down, they are doing the usual things of disbelief & accusations of people who are breaking their fragile little self-conceptions of how the game will be.

    Doubtless the game will be solid post patch & more likely fun to play once people start figuring out what they want to do it in -not unlike EVE Online & Elite- but whingers will whinge unfortunately.

    Personally, if the game gets decent reviews & is afford, will get a copy since it doesn’t need PS+ for online stuff.

  • This is why I (fail) avoid articles in the lead up – I want to enjoy a new experience with an open mind and as little preconceptions as possible. I’ve been waiting years for a space sim with that sweet balance of combat, trade, exploring, customized ships and story and maybe this’ll be it.

  • I think people may have the wrong idea.
    It is an exploration game.

    My expectations are just this: Fly to planets, seamlessly, from surface to space.

    NEVER done that before, so something new to experience.

    I plan to enjoy this with my kids, who are ardent Minecraft junkies. I figure the crafting system is not as complex, but the concept of explore and gather is a nice chill out / fun thing to do. I suppose if that does not sound like your cup of tea, then avoid… Either way, I am looking forward to it, just not betting my life on it.

    God, I remember the Destiny hype train… I still had a ton of fun in that game but it was never going to hold up to the hype that the community had built.

    • I could forgive a lot if Destiny’s disappointment if it had a purpose for our ships other than loading screens. Even letting me navigate and choose what part of the map I’ll spawn in on patrol, or some combat even on par as that one level in Reach. Something other than showing off to my fireteam that I beat Vault of Glass on hard mode.

    • I think the most novel thing about the concept of this game, as you pointed out, is the ability toseamlessly fly to planets and land on them. It’s something that I haven’t experienced in a video game and I’d love to try. Unfortunately I don’t have a PS4 so unless it comes to Xbone sometime soon I’ll just have watch from the sidelines.

  • like I said yesterday, you can finish Skyrim in five hours but if you want to actually experience and play Skyrim it takes 100’s of hours. The loser is free to decide how he spends his money but his self indulgence is just massively lame. Great you have the game dude, now shut up about it already.

  • Modern gaming whiners will always find a reason to pick apart any new title, whether it’s good or bad. They have a sense of entitlement so inflated it defies all logic. Wow, you spent money on a game. It’s similar money to a weeks worth of takeaway coffees in most cases. Bet they don’t kick the barista in the shins and cry outrage.

  • Daymeeuhn dashed the hopes of anyone who thought No Man’s Sky would be an absolutely perfect dream world with rainbows and sprinkles and infinitely fun gameplay. For some people, that’s been a rude awakening

    also a characture of life… nicely written!! 😉

  • honestly if you are an older more experienced hardcore gamer you will already know this game was gonna be average. lol at those who buy into hype, thats all gaming has been about since around 2006, giant spin factories.

  • Hm…that stages of grief bears a striking resemblance to that comic I did that Sean Murray retweeted when the game was first delayed. I guess that’s innovation or something…?

  • Everyone has their own taste in games, Someone like the story best, Someone LOVE to explore as much as possible, SO if two or three people say its SHIT it does not mean it IS!

    PS: No one said it was shit, that was just my way of express myself!

    And sorry for bad English.

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