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Well, yesterday was the fastest I've seen in ages: one comment, one minute. That's how long it took for batguy to nail Penguin Land. Bloody hell.

Let's see if today doesn't hang around for a little longer.

I think I can safely predict that this will hang around for longer than one minute. I'm a bit cautious about predicting that it'd last any longer than an hour, but we'll see how it goes.

And as always, if you want to have your own scribble featured just email them in. Good luck!


    Kinda looks like CABAL the NOD AI from C&C Tiberium Sun

    Space Quest 1? "Throw chunk"

    Kind of looks like one of the Dragon Priest masks from Skyrim

    Where did you learn how to fly?

    Where did you learn how to fly?

    Where did you learn how to fly?

    Bah, posting it at "12:15" to avoid the lightning fast response. That's cheating!

    Biker Mice from Mars. im too drunk to keep up

    I know it's not, but it reminds me of the onion dude in Parappa the Rapper.

    That would be my guess :)

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