Image: Kotaku / @planky

If there's anything I've learned in this job, it's this: everyone can spot Winter Games from a mile away. Three minutes before Braains blew Planky's drawing out of the water. Not hugely surprised though; it was a pretty damn good drawing. I'll actually show you the full version after the jump, it's solid work.

But guess what? Planky didn't send in just one scribble — he sent in two. So you can have a crack at the second today.

I'm betting this one will hang around for a little longer. If you don't get it today, I'll pop the second hint for Saturday as a special.

And as I promised, here was Planky's full drawing of Winter Games from yesterday:

Image: Kotaku / @Planky

Amazing stuff. Email in if you want to have a go at drawing!


    For one week, Planky's Winter Games will be my background. That is a freakin awesome drawing.


    Last edited 14/10/16 12:33 pm

      I knew I recognised it! Just couldn't think where from.

      My head went straight to Bruce Lee and some other stuff :)

    It's definitely Half Life 3 Episode 1: Confirmed

    One of the Worms games... I'll go with Armageddon

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