Surprise, Telltale's New Batman Game Is Busted On PC

Surprise, Telltale's New Batman Game Is Busted On PC

The new Batman series from adventure game specialists Telltale starts out OK, but in technical terms — at least on PC — the game is a mess.

At time of posting the game's Steam reviews are a constant stream of complaints, users upset at everything from control woes to game-breaking bugs to performance lags.

Here are some of the more entertaining ones:

Even after taking 15 minutes to figure out how to make the game 1080p and fullscreen, I couldn't start the game, as my mouse was stuck in a box in the upper left of the screen, making it impossible to hit the continue button on the brightness slider.

The controller layout is a mess. I want to play this in my living room to get a more cinematic experience. So naturally, I go to controller. Well, that has been a mistake. Early into the game, im prompeted to press RT + A, after about 10 failed attempts, i started trying different combos until I realised that RT is improperly mapped to LT.

I was really excited for this one. But as it often happens with lot's of games, and almost always with Batman, u can't really enjoy it at the moment. The FPS is 10 at the moment (GTX870), the journal bug at the beginning of the episode is only fixed by restarting from checkpoint and not clicking it ever, no fullscreen mode, and I am stuck at the warehouse now, cause two evidence dots just don't connect and there are no other options to go through this sequence (like there was with the journal bug described above).

Which, fine, games sometimes have a rough landing, but the issue here is that this is nothing new for Telltale! Despite continually announcing new series based on some of the world's biggest properties, time after time the company releases games with a litany of problems, especially on PC, and they're often the same ones.

Having stuck with Sam & Max and The Walking Dead, I bailed on Telltale's games two episodes into Game of Thrones, when a combination of constant visual stutters (on a PC that could run The Witcher 3 flawlessly) and a save-game bug that wiped my progress had me realise "this isn't worth it".

And it won't be until an engine that can run on phones can consistently work better on PCs.


    I was going to purchase this too but now ill think ill do as other have said, wait till all episodes are available and they have ironed out all the bugs and such,

      The PS3 retail version of The Walking Dead is still a mess, good luck waiting for a fix.

    Why they don't just switch to using Unity or UE4 I don't know!

    Has anyone tried to play a Telltale game on the Vita? Now that's an experience! :)

    ahhhhhhh this answers my question then. I'm in the same boat i've bailed on their games until they get their stuff together technically.

    These are not system hungry games... By which I mean of course these *should not* be.

    Every single telltale game on PC is broken. They all suffer the save game bug. It doesn't happen to everyone but the issue is such that it can happen to literally everyone under the right circumstances. It's unbelievable this bug has existed unfixed since the very first walking dead episode. Absolutely insane.

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