The Big Question: AMD Or NVIDIA?

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Amidst all the No Man's Sky hype and the kerfuffle over the Australian Census, I've been trying to finish benchmarking one of the latest grahpics cards from AMD — the RX 470. Hopefully, time permitting, you'll be able to read about that very soon.

But it got me thinking. For those of you who play on PC, what graphics card do you lean towards?

It's an interesting time for PC builders. There's very clear choices at the bottom end and the top end of the market. You've got your GTX 1070 and 1080's, cards clearly meant for people who want to spend $1500 or more on their total setup, cards for people who want to be playing at 4K. And then for people who want to build a cheap Steam box, people who just want to get into PC gaming at the lowest possible cost, you have a bunch of new cards from AMD.

The big question is really around that $300 to $500 mark. That's where the most competition is at least in Australia for the new graphics cards. You've got the RX 470, RX 480, but also NVIDIA's GTX 1060. You'll have to pay around $600, maybe a fraction less, if you want to step up to the GTX 1070 and enjoy hassle-free 1440p gaming.

But that's out of a lot of people's budgets. And some people don't have a graphics card at all — they merely game on their laptops, relying on the power of integrated graphics from the AMD APUs or an Intel i5 or i7 CPU.

So for those of you who bought your own PC, built your own PC, or are looking to do so, what side of the fence did you fall on? AMD, NVIDIA, or neither?


    I'm not an NVidia guy or an AMD guy. I just bought my R9 290 because it seemed like the most powerful card for the money at the time. Next year I'll probably upgrade, but I don't know which brand I'll buy.

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