The First-Ever Phoenix Wright Case Happened Yesterday

When dreaming up Phoenix Wright back in the early 2000s, series creator Shu Takumi picked a date that seemed wayyyyy far in the future. Now we're here. The first case of the very first Ace Attorney game, "The First Turnabout", takes place on 3 August 2016 — 15 years after Phoenix Wright made his debut on the Game Boy Advance. In this case, as you may remember, Wright teams up with his mentor Mia Fey to defend Larry Butz from false murder charges. It's Wright's first case as a defence attorney and a simple tutorial that's also, as I can recall, the only case that opens up by showing you exactly who did it.

Happy anniversary, Phoenix. Here's to many more dumb adventures.

And yeah, Ace Attorney is a wonderful series that you should really play if you haven't already. The first three games are available on iOS and 3DS, the fourth game is on DS, the fifth game is on iOS and 3DS, and the sixth game will be out in Australia for 3DS next month.


    Next month? Really? I should look into that...

      Will be a e-shop exclusive just like dual destinies, enjoy.

      Last edited 04/08/16 5:31 pm

    It's time for that turnabout...

    Do you hear the tune for Objection!?

    I'm getting that feeling with that upcoming Aquaman movie. Back when it showed up a decade ago as a story arc early in Entourage, it seemed so implausible that we'd ever plumb comic book lore so hard for adaptable heroes, that we'd resort to an Aquaman movie. Now, we're looking down the barrel at a (non-James Cameron) origin story IRL.

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