The Unreal Tournament And Epic Games Forums Have Been Breached

Image: Epic Games

If you ever registered an account for the Unreal Engine or Unreal Tournament forums, bad news. Epic has announced that the forums for both have been compromised, as well as some of their legacy forums.

Epic, makers of the Unreal Engine as well as games such as Unreal Tournament and Fortnite, announced earlier today that the forums for Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament had been compromised, revealing email addresses and "other data entered into the forums".

The post goes on to say that "no passwords in any form, neither salted, hashed nor plaintext" were revealed, as those were stored other databases that were not breached. "While the data contained in the vBulletin account databases for these forums were leaked, the passwords for user accounts are stored elsewhere," the company explained.

"These forums remain online and no passwords need to be reset."

Epic's announcement corroborates the appearance of and on Leaked Source's most recent list of databases that have been breached earlier today. Epic also tweeted out this afternoon that the forums had been placed into maintenance mode as a precaution.

Epic added that their legacy forums for older UT games, UDK, Gears of War and Infinity Blade had also been breached, with email addresses, salted hashed passwords and other data exposed. "If you have been active on these forums since July 2015, we recommend you change your password on any site where you use the same password," the developer advised.


    Tried to update my details a few times but the forum appears to be flapping.
    Silly hackers, go after some scumbags like the Govt lol, Epic are a fantastic team of peeps

    Again? I think this happened not even a year ago....

      Last time they were apparently attacked but were unsuccessful in gaining entry and accessing any information, I remember the email.

    Aha, I noticed a recent upswing in spam - this might be why.
    They might have sold the email addresses to spammers.

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