The Official Dota 2 Forums Have Apparently Been Hacked

Image: Supplied

If you're one of the million-plus people who created an account on the official Dota 2 forums, where developers and all sorts of folk have hung out for years, I've got bad news: the database has reportedly been hacked.

Leaked Source, which functions as a search tool for people to see whether their personal details have been compromised in various database hacks, announced this morning that almost 2 million records had been compromised. The hack supposedly took place on July 10, with the Leaked Source team saying they were "able to convert over 80% [of passwords] to their plaintext values".

The three most popular email domains exposed were Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, with only 24,335 entries for users with emails. If you can't remember whether you made an account, you can search Leaked Source's database to see whether your email (and details) have potentially been compromised.



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