The Pentagon And Iran Finally Have Something In Common: Pokemon GO

Image: Kotaku

It's not often the authoritarian state of Iran and the Pentagon, the military hub of the United States, see eye to eye. But, hilariously, one thing has managed to bring these unlikely forces together.

Obviously, it's Pokemon GO.

The Washington Times has reported that due to concerns over spying, the Defence Department has now banned anyone from playing Pokemon GO within a Defence Department building. It's not as drastic as Iran banning the game nationwide, although its borne out of the same concerns over national security.

A memo was apparently sent to all defence contractors and officials in the middle of July about the risk Pokemon GO posed to security. According to the Times, the Pentagon is worried that people can play the game while also capturing accurate information about certain rooms and what's stored within them.

More and more companies and outlets are banning the game over security concerns. Volkswagen has issued a blanket ban on the game during work hours, concerned that confidential projects or data could be leaked.

Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission has also threatened to ban the game nationwide, unless Niantic removes all gyms, Pokestops and Pokemon from areas at or around temples, state property and other security sensitive places.


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